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  • Video The State of PlayStation VR in 2021

    A different reality

    The PlayStation 5 might be shiny and all, but another piece of important Sony tech still making waves (just about) is, of course, PSVR. The original headset launched in 2016, having recently celebrated its fifth anniversary on the market. As such, we found ourselves wondering: where does Sony’s take on virtual reality currently...











  • News Great PSVR Shooter Pistol Whip Gets Free 2089 Campaign

    Available today

    Pistol Whip ranked very highly when it came to working out the Best PSVR Game of 2020 during our Game of the Year deliberations, and that high-speed experience gets even better today with the introduction of the brand new 2089 campaign. This is a free update that adds a new story told across five different scenes, estimated to last...

  • News Catch Popstar Madison Beer Perform in PSVR Soon

    Coming to the PS Store

    Sony's working on new technology that brings virtual stages into the home, allowing the biggest music artists to perform for fans from their living room. Revealed as part of the Japanese giant's CES 2021 digital event, popstar Madison Beer puts the tech to use with a performance of her latest single, titled Boysh*t. You can...

  • Game of the Year Best PSVR Game of 2020

    Headset highlights

    Let's be honest with ourselves: 2020 has not been the best year for PlayStation VR. As Sony shifted its focus towards marketing the PlayStation 5, the Japanese giant's virtual reality headset received little love from first-party studios. Developers outside of Sony still had many multi-platform launches to boast of, but at this...







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