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  • Video The State of PlayStation VR in 2021

    A different reality

    The PlayStation 5 might be shiny and all, but another piece of important Sony tech still making waves (just about) is, of course, PSVR. The original headset launched in 2016, having recently celebrated its fifth anniversary on the market. As such, we found ourselves wondering: where does Sony’s take on virtual reality currently...

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  • Guide Best PSVR Games

    Every must-have PSVR game

    What are the best PSVR games? PlayStation VR has been around for a good while now, and it’s amassed an incredibly impressive selection of software in that time. Of course, with new fans entering the virtual reality realm for the first time every single day, we figured that we’d compile a list of the best PSVR games to...

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  • News PSVR's Next-Gen Motion Controllers Tracked by Headset

    No more PS Camera

    For as much as we love PlayStation VR here at Push Square – and we genuinely are big fans – its flaws have become more and more obvious as time has passed. One of its biggest problems is the way it relies on the PlayStation Camera to track your movements. This is obviously fine in titles like Beat Saber, where you’re mostly...