Ever since the PlayStation 5 took the spotlight last year, PlayStation VR has been somewhat shoved to the sidelines. But the technology – despite its aging PlayStation Move controllers – is still revolutionary, and titles like Hitman 3 are transformative when enjoyed inside Sony’s headset. It’s great to see new announcements incoming for the accessory, then – and Winds & Leaves, a new title from Prison Boss VR developer Trebuchet, certainly has an air of intrigue to it.

Due out exclusively on PSVR in time for the Spring, you’ll play as The Gardener, a lonely entity whose sole purpose is to “regrow vegetation in a barren world”. The press release expands: “This is no small deed, considering you'll only have your stilts, some planting tools, and your limitless thirst for exploration. As you begin exploring the world, you'll stumble upon old landmarks that you'll have to awaken by summoning the energy of your ever growing forests. You'll soon realize these imposing structures are all part of a greater whole.”

As alluded to above, the game’s promising a unique locomotion system designed exclusively for PSVR. “As you start planting a sprawling forest, enjoy a stunningly beautiful VR experience featuring procedural player-grown trees, an evolving, living soundtrack that reacts to the world around you, and dynamic time and weather simulation,” the press release continues. “Winds & Leaves is a true VR symphony.”

It sounds like a serene, otherworldly experience – and we could all do with a timeout from the real-world during these challenging times, couldn’t we? Check out the trailer embedded above, and let us know whether you’ll be rooting yourself to this one come release.

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