It’s been a good year for The Walking Dead fans on PlayStation VR. Having previously seen The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners back in May by Skydance Interactive, we now have The Walking Dead Onslaught arrive as an entirely separate VR adaptation. Developed by Survios, Onslaught takes us directly into AMC’s television universe for TWD, making it a canonical entry in-between season eight and nine as Rick Grimes’ group rebuild the Alexandria safe zone.

Featuring a full story campaign around Daryl Dixon, progress is split into different chapters, but advancement is reliant on doing scavenger runs which help locate new survivors. You can play as Rick, Michonne, or Carol for these and runs involve locating new materials and food supplies, letting you create new buildings in the safe zone. This all happens whilst being chased by a Walker horde, so move fast as health slowly depletes if you fall in, like shrinking maps in battle royale games.

It holds a strong focus on both ranged and melee combat here, putting considerable focus into a Walker dismemberment system and offers 24 upgradeable and customizable weapons. Much like the TV show, Onslaught is more action than horror — offering minimal jump scares — and it works quite well. Tearing through Walkers always feels satisfying with melee weapons, more so than simply shooting them, but remain alert since they can sneak up from different directions.

There are several issues though and its biggest one regards movement, which offers three options: teleportation, swinging the PlayStation Move controller, or a smooth option reliant on button pressing. None of them click perfectly and adding to this, character models look a bit rough. If you can get past these flaws, Onslaught is ultimately enjoyable, bringing good combat and rebuilding Alexandria is quite fun. If you’re a fan of the TV series, this is worth a look.