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What’s British-based first-party developer London Studio up to? There were rumours a few years back that it was creating a Horizon Zero Dawn spin-off for PlayStation VR, but that speculation has dried up of late. Given the studio’s recent releases – including PSVR Worlds and Blood & Truth – it’s probably safe to assume the team’s busy beavering away on Sony’s next-gen virtual reality headset, but we’ll need to sit tight for confirmation on that front.

One thing we do know is that the developer believes its next project has “huge potential”, as an interview with new co-studio heads Tara Saunders and Stuart Whyte sheds a little more light on the team’s culture, history, and ambitions moving forwards.

“I want us to dream big and realise our full potential, but at the same time ensure that there is a real emphasis on ethical and sustainable game development practices,” Saunders said of the studio’s goals moving forwards. “We have super strong values in place that mean we should be keeping in mind the importance of inclusivity, balance, and team spirit on a day-to-day basis. Our next project has huge potential and we want to leverage that to the max by empowering the team to thrive and deliver a top quality game!”

Obviously the UK is still in lockdown, and so London Studio – like many other companies across the country – has had to adapt. Saunders explained that it’s been listening to feedback from employees, and according to Whyte, the developer aims to be much more flexible in the future, with its “London Office becoming a hub for staff to hang out and meet up”.

We’re excited to see what it’s working on, because there’s no question the British developer has been at the forefront of Sony’s expansion into the virtual reality market, and we’d be shocked if it’s not leading the charge on the company’s next-gen headset. What would you like to see out of London Studio in the future?