Sony has a slate of PlayStation VR announcements planned for today, and the first one is quite the surprise. Doom 3 is being reimagined for virtual reality in Doom 3: VR Edition, planned to launch on PS4 later this month on 29th March 2021. PS5 players can also get in on the action via backwards compatibility. Check out what it looks like in action in the announcement trailer above.

This PSVR version will support the long-forgotten Aim Controller and also includes the game's two expansions — The Lost Mission and Resurrection of Evil. The classic experience has been retooled for virtual reality, complete with new textures, shaders, and sound effects. You'll be able to peer around the corners of the UAC facility, angle your shots using motion controls, perform speedy 180 degree turns, and track your health, armour, and ammo through an in-game display mounted on your wrist.

A price wasn't revealed over on the PlayStation Blog, but we have to assume it'll be in keeping with the cost of DOOM VFR, which was £19.99/$29.99 at launch. Would you be interested in revisiting Doom 3 using PSVR? Watch your back in the comments below.