Virtual reality is a natural fit for many gaming genres, but we doubt many could have predicted rhythm action doing so well. Beat Saber came along and proved it's a winning combination, and since then, the likes of Audica and Pistol Whip have shown it wasn't a fluke. Now, Synth Riders is making its way to PlayStation VR after a couple of years' success on PC.

Billed as a "freestyle dance VR rhythm game", this looks to play about as you'd expect. You'll use a pair of PS Move wands to match up with the in-game lines, getting your body grooving as you try to keep to the beat. It also features an in-game fitness tracker, so you can double this up as a cardio workout too. There are 55 licensed tracks and a whole bunch of premium DLC, containing songs from Muse, The Offspring, and plenty more. You can also play online with friends for some multiplayer dance-offs.

Watching the trailer, it does look very familiar if you've played any of the aforementioned games, but hopefully in practice, it does enough to differentiate itself. We can find out just what it's like when Synth Riders hits PSVR on 27th July. Are you interested? Do the hokey cokey in the comments section below.