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  • News Jeff Minter Returns with Moose Life, Available Now on PS4

    With PSVR support

    Are you ready for another trip? Jeff Minter, known for his kaleidoscopic arcade games like Polybius and TxK, is back with yet another rainbow-coloured adventure. This one's called Moose Life, and you can get it right now on PlayStation 4. The game has been out for months on PC, but is now available on Sony's last-gen console...

  • Review Polybius (PS4)

    Virtual insanity

    There’s an urban legend of an arcade game so addictive that physical fights would break out over who would get to play next. Its mind bending gameplay managed to induce insomnia, amnesia, and hallucinations in those that played it, and just one month after it supposedly showed up in Portland arcades in 1981, every single machine...

  • Hands On Polybius Is a PlayStation VR Sensory Overload Befitting Urban Legend


    Jeff Minter’s back, everyone. The llama loving indie developer behind classics like Tempest 2000 and more recently TXK on the PlayStation Vita has released a new title for the PlayStation 4 named Polybius – and first impressions are good. While you don’t necessarily need PlayStation VR to enjoy it – it’ll run in 4K on the PS4...

  • Review TxK (PlayStation Vita)

    Trippin’ balls tremendously

    You could look at TxK and pass it off as a simple indie game that harks back to the arcade shooter days of old. However, dismissing it as such would not account for the history and significance behind it. Jeff Minter, the game’s creator, has been in the industry since 1982, and is arguably best known for his 1994...

  • Interview Talking TxK, Vita, and PS4 with Tempest 2000's Jeff Minter

    Llamasoft’s founder bleats on about the future of games

    The word ‘legendary’ gets tossed around a little too much these days, but Jeff Minter is a British icon whose portfolio is more than deserving of the clichéd term. Since founding Llamasoft in 1982, the Reading-born developer has worked on a laundry list of noteworthy games, including...

  • News Tempest 2000 Designer Firing New Title onto the PlayStation Vita

    Round the bend

    Llamasoft, the legendary British developer behind Atari Jaguar classic Tempest 2000, is working on a reboot of the futuristic shooter for the PlayStation Vita named TxK. Designer Jeff Minter – who’s probably best known for the Gridrunner games – confirmed the news on the developer’s official blog, stating that the studio is