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  • News PlayStation VR Shooter StarBlood Arena Goes Gold

    And there'll be a retail release

    PlayStation VR powered first-person shooter StarBlood Arena has gone gold ahead of its 11th April release date. The high-octane virtual reality experience promises to deliver a variety of modes, pilots, and weapons when you strap yourself in to the action. You'll obviously be able to snap this one up from the...

  • News Trippy PS4 Puzzler GNOG Gets Inside Your Head on 2nd May

    The miniaturist

    Bizarre PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR puzzler GNOG will get inside your head on 2nd May, publisher Double Fine has revealed. The trippy title essentially tasks you with tinkering with the heads of giant celestial space beings – or something like that, to be honest we're not entirely sure. The game will cost £12.99/$14.99, but...

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    Review Korix


    Korix is a real-time, strategy, tower defence PlayStation VR title. Your world has been destroyed and your race is on the brink of extinction, so you must rally your troops, rebuild your defences, and launch a revenge attack. The game's campaign is level based, each beginning by laying out a different landscape, which consists of a large...

  • Video We Need a Full-Length Danganronpa VR Game

    No objections

    Not all series are well suited to PlayStation VR, but the Cyber Danganronpa VR: Class Trial demo that's available for free from the PlayStation Store right now proves that Spike Chunsoft's sleuth-'em-up absolutely is. The demo may only be short, but it captures the courtroom drama of its parent property perfectly, and while the YouTube...

  • News Farpoint's Full Experience Will Cost You a Pretty Penny

    Start saving

    From what we've played, PlayStation VR FPS Farpoint is pretty awesome – but we always felt that Sony needed to find a way to bundle the title with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller for the price of a standard retail game. Unfortunately, it's failed. While the game will cost £49.99/$49.99 without the peripheral, you'll need to pay...

  • Guide How to Update PlayStation VR's System Software

    Virtual reality firmware updates

    Just like the PS4, Sony is also releasing firmware updates for the PlayStation VR headset. But how you update the virtual reality device's system software? In this guide, we show you how. How to Update PlayStation VR's system software: Here's how to download the latest firmware update for PlayStation VR: Connect...