If experiencing PlayStation VR alone isn't doing it for you anymore, how about an MMO in virtual reality instead? This one is for the anime and JRPG fans out there as developer Ramen VR brings newly-announced title Zenith to PSVR later this year. The game is said to only be possible in VR thanks to a "hyper-immersive combat system" and various classes to choose from and customise.

We love MMORPGs and JRPGs — some might even call it an obsession. Working on Zenith has been a dream realized for all of us. We are honored to have a chance to build this world, and can’t wait for you to visit.

Zenith also takes a leaf out of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by allowing you to climb anything and everything in the environment, complete with a limited stamina gauge that can be upgraded as you progress. Who will be cosplaying as Link, then? "Zenith will feature loads of party content including epic world bosses, public events, and dungeons. Particularly challenging content will require careful coordination, and that’s where our guild system comes into focus. Start your own guild with your friends and rise to prominence, or join an established guild to conquer Zenith’s greatest challenges."

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