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How do you fix PSVR's blurry image? It’s the ultimate immersion killer, after all – there’s a beautiful virtual world rendered all around you, but you’re fighting fog to see it. There’s always going to be some degree of fuzziness when you’re playing PlayStation VR due to the resolution of the screen and the fact that you’re strapping it millimetres away from your eyes, but if the image is particularly out of focus then here are a few things you can try to clear up your headset’s image quality.

How to Fix PSVR's Blurry Image

So how do you fix fuzzy images in PSVR? Well, we'd recommend trying the following steps to ensure that you get a clearer picture inside your headset.

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Clean Your PSVR Headset’s Lenses

This is an obvious place to start, but you’d be surprised by how many people overlook such a simple detail. If you’ve accidentally touched the lenses in your PSVR headset with a finger or even an eyelash, it’s possible there could be residue on the glass surface. Use a microfiber cloth and give both lenses a quick polish; remember to be gentle so that you don’t mark the lenses, but thorough enough to erase any gunk.

Condensation can also be a problem with PSVR; sticking the cold glass next to your warm face can cause some steaming inside the headset, which is going to obscure your vision in virtual reality. If this occurs then, of course, you’re going to want to clean the lenses up with a microfiber cloth. One tip to avoid this issue is to power the headset up a few minutes before you plan to play; this heats up the hardware and lessens the likelihood of condensation occurring.

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Make Sure the PSVR Headset Is on Properly

Are you wearing your PSVR headset properly? If you are, then you should be able to see with pixel-perfect clarity. A good way to test this is to remain on the PS4 dashboard when you put the headset on and make sure there’s no blurriness or fogging on the menu screen. If you’re getting some fog or double-vision and you’re certain everything’s clean, then you may need to just nudge the headset around your face to find the sweet spot.

Be careful while you do this, you don’t want to break the PSVR headset. We recommend just gently moving the headset around your face using the band across your forehead. Work until everything comes into focus, and then tighten the headset in position using the wheel on the rear. Remember that you can also move the headset’s screen closer or further away from your eyes, and this can also help with clearing up any blurriness.

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Measure Your Eye-to-Eye Distance

That’s a fancy word, isn’t it? If you’re sure that your PSVR headset is clean and fitted properly and you’re still getting blurriness, then it may be time to tune the interpupillary distance. While the majority of you shouldn’t need this step, it may help you few remaining stragglers who are battling poor image quality.

Simply go to Settings from the PS4’s main menu (it’s the toolbox icon on the top row), and then go to Devices > PlayStation VR > Measure Eye-to-Eye Distance and follow the steps. You’ll need to take a photo of your face and basically align boxes over the position of your eyes. Keep trying until you’re certain of the right setting, and hopefully it’ll clean up any remaining blur.

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Remember That PSVR Isn’t Perfect

If you’re still getting blurriness, then you can try rebooting the PSVR headset and PS4 console, but at this point you may have to concede that any issues you’re experiencing could be down to the limitations of the hardware itself. For example, you’re always going to get some double vision in your peripheral vision because of the curvature of the PSVR’s lenses.

As mentioned earlier, you are essentially strapping a screen to your face, and that means that issues will always be accentuated. Try putting your face next to your television screen some time, and you’ll very likely spot the same flaws – even on a top-of-the-range 4K panel. It's worth adding that because all software is developed differently, some titles run at a higher resolution than others, which means that some games will simply look “sharper” than others do. If you're playing on a standard PS4 then upgrading to the PS4 Pro can help, as some games render at a higher resolution on the supercharged hardware and utilise supersampling to improve the overall image quality. Your mileage will vary, but it's an option worth exploring.

Are you having blurry PSVR image problems? Have you got any other tips to add on top of ours? Put your thoughts in focus in the comments section below.