A few months back, developer nDreams announced Fracked, a PlayStation VR exclusive first person shooter, and it looked pretty damn good. Well, the game continues to look promising in this latest trailer, showing off a few minutes of gameplay.

In it, the player engages in firefights with interdimensional humanoids, and what's clear is that you'll have total freedom of movement — no on-rails mobility or teleporting here. It looks like it'll keep you moving as well, with zip lines, ladders, and other ways to get around. There will be some cool set-piece moments, such as escaping a collapsing elevator, or skiing down a slope to jump to a helicopter. It all looks pretty impressive to us.

The game is still pencilled in for release this summer, with enhancements to the experience if you play on PS5 rather than PS4. Are you looking forward to Fracked? Put on some thermals in the comments section below.

[source blog.playstation.com]