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  • News Sniper Elite 4 Sets Sights on First Story DLC Next Week

    Free multiplayer content also coming

    The very likeable Sniper Elite 4 will be receiving the first part in its Deathstorm mini-campaign story starting 21st March, with a further two instalments set to follow later in the year. Playable for up to two players, the first episode will whisk you away to the snowy setting of Northern Italy, where you must...



  • News Point Your Scope at Sniper Elite 4's 101 Trailer

    In sights

    We love these 101 trailers that Rebellion likes to put out. There's nothing wrong with fancy cinematic trailers, but sometimes you just want to know what a game has to offer, and this Sniper Elite 4 clip spells it all out so that there can be no confusion. It details everything from the kind of gameplay experience you can expect, right...




  • News Zombie Army Trilogy Rises from Its Grave on PS4

    We did Nazi that coming

    With all of the testicle targets and what not, British developer Rebellion's strangely popular Sniper Elite series is already insane – but Zombie Army Trilogy aims to up the ante with hordes of the undead. Due out on the PlayStation 4 later this year, the rotting release will include Zombie Army 1 and 2 from the PC, as well...



  • 14


    Review Sniper Elite III

    Boom headshot

    It’s ironic that so soon after the release of Valiant Hearts: The Great War, another title with a very different outlook on war has stealthily marched onto the PlayStation 4. In Sniper Elite III, rather than making you think about the needless loss of life, this latest instalment in the distance shooter series asks that you revel in...



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