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  • News Tekken 7's Free Character Panel Pack Is Out Now on PS4

    A new look

    Head over to the PlayStation Store right now and you can nab some new Tekken 7 character portraits for free. The portraits themselves are from a variety of different artists from around the world. Some are pretty cool, some are pretty... Weird. Still, free content is free content, so we're not complaining. Are you still playing Tekken 7?...


  • News For Honor Offers Up a Free Trial on PS4 This Weekend

    Staying sharp

    Ubisoft's really trying to push For Honor back into people's good books. Last month, the publisher revealed its plans for the future of the game, presenting a detailed roadmap on upcoming content and other additions, like the introduction of dedicated servers. Building on that reveal, the company's announced that the title's going to...

  • News Ghost Recon: Wildlands Spots a 5 Hour Free Trial on PS4

    Tango yankee

    It may not win many headlines these days, but a lot of people are still buying and playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands. If you'd like to see what kind of stuff the masses are getting up to, then you may be interested in knowing that Ubisoft's launched a trail version of the game, which you can now download from the PlayStation...

  • News Yakuza: Kiwami Mugs 4 Free DLC Packs After Launch

    Crime doesn't pay

    Much like Yakuza 0, which launched earlier this year, Yakuza: Kiwami will be getting a bunch of free downloadable content packs following its release on the 29th August. The four planned packs mostly consist of usable in-game items among other bits and pieces, but there are a few cool outfits included. A Majima costume for...

  • News Japanese Players Get a Free Dragon Quest Game After Beating Dragon Quest XI


    Well this is pretty cool. According to several Japanese gaming blogs and sites, those who reach the true ending of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age -- which released just a couple of days ago in Japan -- are presented with a code that allows them to download the very first Dragon Quest game from the PlayStation Store free of...



  • News First Hitman Level Spills Some Blood for Free on PS4

    You can download it now

    In case you didn't know, that episodic Hitman game is supposed to be very good indeed, and now, you can play the whole of the first level for free on PlayStation 4. A single level may not sound like much, but you have to remember that Hitman is all about experimentation. Each and every stage is full of options and various...

  • News Pick Your Favourite Fighter with Free Tekken 7 Avatars on PS4

    Ready for the next battle

    Everybody loves cheeky little freebies on the PlayStation Store, right? Themes, avatars - we're happy to nab anything without a price tag. To celebrate the launch of Tekken 7, Bandai Namco has released ten different character avatars on the digital marketplace, and they don't cost a penny. Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Yoshimitsu,...

  • News You Can Download and Play FIFA 17 for Free This Weekend on PS4

    Get in

    If you feel like you need some football in your life now that the season's over, you may be interested in FIFA 17's free weekend. Indeed, you can head over to the PlayStation Store right now and give it a shot without spending a penny. The free period will come to an end on the 5th June. We suppose it's a pretty strategic move as far as EA's...






  • News Titanfall 2's Free Weekend Trial Starts Today on PS4

    Hop aboard

    If you've been sitting on the fence regarding Titanfall 2, you may want to jump onto the PlayStation Store and grab the game's free weekend trial, which is due to go live on Sony's system any minute now. It'll be available through to the 4th December. Said trial will give you access to the title's multiplayer offering, which, by most...