Good old SUPERHOT VR is back with another free update for the PlayStation VR version of the game that adds a mode themed entirely around the day after Christmas. This Boxing Day patch goes live today, featuring a new endless level, a new scoring system, and a festive soundtrack to suit the mood. You will have to beat the original game before gaining access, but who hasn't done that by now if they own a PSVR headset? Check the mode out in action above.

There's more to the PSVR update though as SUPERHOT Team explains it has reworked the entire game from scratch to make for a better performing experience. "As well as the Boxing Day update, PlayStation VR players will also be receiving a massive SUPERHOT VR patch that brings numerous quality of life improvements, bug fixes, improved performance, and graphical enhancements. The game has been reworked from scratch and better than ever before. It’s the biggest bug-squashing exercise since the launch of SUPERHOT VR on PlayStation VR." Sounds like it's worth checking out, that's for sure.

Will you take a break from Cyberpunk 2077 and get in the Christmas spirit with this holiday-themed update for SUPERHOT VR? Don't punch us in the comments below.