After putting out A Fisherman's Tale last year for PlayStation VR, developer Innerspace is back with yet another experience for the virtual reality headset that is set to launch in the Spring of 2021. Maskmaker is its name and the announcement trailer above will provide you with slightly more context.

The studio describes the game as one packed full of mystery and a sense of constant wonder. "Players will learn the magic of crafting masks to immerse yourself in the intriguing enigmatic beings within the game. From mask-to-mask and puzzle-to-puzzle, players will make their way through the "mask realm" to seek Prospero, a mysterious figure who appears to rule it, ultimately unravelling the secret of his identity."

You will be tasked with solving puzzles designed entirely around VR and craft new masks from resources collected out in the world. "Wear the mask, blend in with each biome’s culture and inhabit the spirits, colorful characters each with a different role to play."