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  • Guide NBA 2K21: Best Builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer

    How to build the best NBA 2K21 player in all positions

    What are the best NBA 2K21 builds for MyPlayer and MyCareer? A big part of the NBA 2K21 experience is building your own player for use in The Long Shadow campaign, MyCareer mode, and crucially the Neighborhood. While your personal player build will depend largely on how you want to play the...

  • Guide All NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

    All known NBA 2K21 Locker Codes and rewards

    NBA 2K21 can help to boost your MyTeam by providing you with brand new Packs, Tokens, and VC. In this guide, we’ll be listing all NBA 2K21 Locker Codes and rewards, as well as showing you how to redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes. We’ll be keeping this page updated right throughout the year, so be sure to...

  • Guide NBA 2K21: How to Earn VC

    Maximise your Virtual Currency income in NBA 2K21

    NBA 2K21’s lifeblood is VC (or Virtual Currency), an in-game currency which can be used to purchase upgrades for your MyPlayer, cosmetics such as clothing and shoes, and Player Packs in MyTeam. As it’s such an important part of the game, you’ll want to maximise your earnings potential as much...

  • Guide NBA 2K21: How Many College Games Are There?

    Find out how long you'll be at school in NBA 2K21

    How many college games are there in NBA 2K21? After beginning your burgeoning basketball career as a member of the Newark Eagles, you’ll be to enrol at one of 10 college programs: Michigan State, UConn, Florida, Gonzaga, Syracuse, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, UCLA, Villanova University, and West Virginia...

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Fall Guys (PS4) Guides

  • Guide Fall Guys: All Rounds and How to Win Every Game Type

    How to qualify in every Fall Guys minigame

    How do you win every round in Fall Guys on PS4? What are some strategies for each Fall Guys minigame? To win those crowns in Fall Guys, you'll need to know how to succeed in every round type. There are lots of rounds to play, and some are easier than others. With this Fall Guys guide, we'll tell you about...

  • Guide Fall Guys: Season One - All Rewards and End Date

    All unlocks in Fall Guys Season 1

    What are all the rewards in Fall Guys Season One? What is Season 1's end date, and how much Fame do you need? In this Fall Guys guide, we're going to outline every unlock you can earn in Season One. For more general questions about the game, check out this guide: Fall Guys: FAQ - Everything You Need to Know. When...

  • Guide Fall Guys: FAQ - Everything You Need to Know

    All your Fall Guys questions answered

    Fall Guys is the smash hit game that's taken the gaming world by storm. This viral indie title has exploded since its launch, and for good reason -- it's a great game, having earned an 8/10 in our review. The game might be popular, but there are still plenty of common questions. In this guide, we're going to...

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