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  • Guide DOOM Eternal - What Difficulty Level Should I Start With?

    Which is the best starting difficulty?

    What difficulty level should I start with in DOOM Eternal? Which is the best starting difficulty mode in DOOM Eternal? Picking the right difficulty level for you in what amounts to id Software's best PlayStation 4 game yet is quite important as it'll influence the sort of experience you'll have. While it can be...

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - All Cheat Codes

    Tricking hell

    What cheat codes are there in DOOM Eternal? Cheat codes are a collectible in id Software's return to hell, activated via mission select back at your home base in the Fortress of Doom. They enable fun, interesting tweaks on the experience which either make the game harder or add a comical twist to certain mechanics. You can't activate...

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - Best Praetor Suit Upgrades

    What are the best upgrades?

    What are the best Praetor Suit upgrades in DOOM Eternal? Where should you be allocating your ability points first? DOOM Eternal allows you to upgrade your suit with various perks across its campaign, unlocked by ability points dotted throughout levels. However, which ones are the most useful and which should you focus on...

  • Guide DOOM Eternal - Best Runes to Get First

    What are the best Runes?

    What are the best Runes to get first in DOOM Eternal? What are the best Runes to equip in DOOM Eternal? Runes are small bonuses you can equip after finding secrets throughout the game's various levels, but which three are the best for your loadout? What ones are the best and should be unlocked first? This quick guide will...

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