How to Watch VR Porn on PSVR PlayStation VR 1

How do you watch VR porn on PSVR? For those of you who don't spend the day surrounded by supermodels sucking on Calippos, you may be wondering if you can put your spangly new PlayStation VR headset to… Alternative use. While manufacturer Sony has understandably shied away from making its peripheral's compatibility with porn public, we can confirm that the unit is capable of submerging you into some, shall we say, fantasy scenarios. Here's how you can get your VR adult entertainment up and running on the PS4.

How to Watch VR Porn on PSVR

You'll need follow a few fairly straightforward steps to get VR porn working on PSVR. Here's what you need to do to watch virtual reality porn on your PS4.

Download 360-Degree Virtual Reality Porn PSVR PlayStation VR 2

Download Some VR Porn to Your Computer

The first step is to source some virtual reality porn. There are dozens of high-quality content providers shooting 360-degree content these days, many of which offer free samples which you can try out on PSVR before getting serious. Whether you're a paying subscriber or just out to test-drive the taboo material, you'll need to download any videos to your laptop or computer. Make sure that the content has been captured in equirectangular format using an omnidirectional camera, otherwise it won't work. You'll end up with a bunch of .MP4 files, which you may want to store somewhere safe if others have access to your device.

Copy Porn to USB Stick PSVR PlayStation VR PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Copy the VR Porn to Your USB Stick

Gently insert your favourite USB stick into your computer's gloryhole, and make sure that it's formatted to FAT32 or exFAT. You can learn more about how to do that in our How to View Photos, Play Music, and Watch Videos with PS4 Media Player guide. At the root of the USB stick's file structure, create a folder called 'VIDEO', and copy your filthy 360-degree VR porn files into the directory.

Download Media Player PS4 PlayStation 4 App PSVR PlayStation VR 1

Download and Update Media Player on Your PS4

If you haven't already, make sure you get to know the Media Player app on your PS4 – you can find it in the PlayStation Store. Ensure that the app is updated to at least v2.50, as this is when Sony added support for 360-degree videos. You can always check which version of the app you've got installed by finding it on the PS4's dashboard and pushing the Options button to inspect the version history information.

USB PS4 PlayStation 4 PSVR PlayStation VR 1

Plug Your USB Stick into the PS4 and Find Your Videos

Remove the USB stick from your computer and insert it into the opening of your PS4. Boot the Media Player app and find the directory called 'VIDEO'. Click it, and then finger your way to one of your videos. Initially, they will appear in 2D, but if you give the Triangle button a thrust, you'll be able to bring up the Control Panel. Make sure your PSVR headset's connected and turned on, and select 'VR Mode' from the menu.

Tissues PlayStation VR PSVR Porn 1

Ensure You Have Some Tissues Handy

To clean the lenses of the PSVR headset should they steam up, obviously. What did you think that we were talking about?