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  • News PS5 Outsold by Xbox in Japan for First Time, But All Stock Related

    High five?

    In what will undoubtedly be painted as a humiliating twist for Sony, the PS5 was outsold by the Xbox Series X|S in Japan during the week ending 15th May – and it wasn’t even close. Before we delve any deeper, it’s worth noting that while Microsoft’s console has been doing comparatively well in the Land of the Rising Sun, its...

  • News Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Bundle Registrations Now Open in USA

    Good luck getting your hands on one

    Console bundles are nothing new, as packaging a high-profile game alongside a brand new console is a no-brainer. It's perhaps due to a lack of PS5 stock that Sony's latest hasn't had an official bundle so far in its lifecycle. Until now, that is. As first relayed by the inimitable Wario64 via Twitter, and

  • News Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold PS4 in USA

    Records exist to be broken

    Whisper it, but when all’s said and done, we reckon there’s a distinct chance the Nintendo Switch will have outsold even the PS2 – it’s certainly on track to do so. For now, the hybrid hardware’s latest achievement is outselling the PS4 in the United States, as confirmed in the latest NPD report, which is...

  • News PS5 Hardware Resurges in UK After Dismal Start to the Year

    Best month of the year for rebounding box

    PS5 has been posting poor sales numbers of late because of a lack of supply – and not, it’s important to underline, because of a lack of demand. Microsoft recently gloated that it was stealing marketshare from its closest competitor, but the caveat has always been Sony’s inability to ship enough...

  • News Sony Is Predicting Improved PS5 Stock Availability

    Praise the gaming gods

    It’s been a rough few months for PS5 stock, with even Microsoft claiming that it’s stealing market share from Sony’s console. But there have been signs around the world that things are slowly beginning to improve, with availability being a bit better in the UK – and that being reflected in the software sales charts,...

  • News Cutting-Edge PSVR2 Presentations Scheduled for GDC

    Coming into focus

    This may be the week we learn a little more about Sony’s next-gen PSVR2 headset, which still remains something of a mystery. While we’ve seen the hardware and controllers, and even a few seconds of Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay, specifics like software lineups very much remain undercover. But a GDC presentation from...

  • News PS5 Stock Registrations Open in Europe Now

    Sony combating the scalpers

    While the PlayStation 5 has been easier to purchase at points over the past few months, it still remains largely elusive. One way Sony is trying to combat scalpers and get the console into the hands of fans is by selling the device directly, and we’ve seen it launch its PlayStation Direct storefront in Europe following...

  • News Sony Reportedly Planned to Cease PS4 Production at the End of 2021

    PS5 shortages mean it'll keep going, though

    Picking up a PlayStation 5 is still rather difficult, thanks to part shortages seriously slowing down production. Because of this, Sony Interactive Entertainment made the decision to continue making PS4 consoles throughout 2022. That's according to a new report from Bloomberg, who cite anonymous sources...

  • News Sony Quietly Squashes PS5's Dead Battery Concerns


    You may recall a furore earlier in the year, when it emerged that Sony consoles, like the PlayStation 5 and PS4, could potentially be rendered unplayable in the future due to an oversight in their design. The summary is this: the systems use an internal battery to verify Trophy unlocks, which need to be authorised by pinging a PSN server...

  • News PS4 Sales Have Dropped Off Enormously Since PS5's Release

    Just 200k sales in previous quarter

    At one point in time, the PlayStation 4 looked like it would rival the PS2 to become the best-selling console of all time – but now that seems impossible. In the quarter spanning July through September, the system sold just 200k units, taking its lifetime tally up to 116.6 million. In the same period, the supply...

  • News 'Checkmate, Lawyers' - dbrand Returns with Newly Designed PS5 Faceplates

    Infringement-dodging Darkplates 2.0 now available

    Over the weekend, you might have read about dbrand's dispute with Sony over the company's replacement PlayStation 5 faceplates. In a nutshell, dbrand put its black 'Darkplates' on sale, and some time later, Sony's legal team sent it a cease and desist letter, claiming the product infringed on...

  • News Sony Threatens to Sue Company That Goaded It to Sue Over Black PS5 Replacement Plates

    Quelle surprise

    "Go ahead, sue us." It's a bold strategy for a company to effectively ask a much larger one to sue it, and that's exactly what happened a while back with dbrand. It's a business that creates and sells custom shells, skins, and decals for all kinds of consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops. Not too long ago, dbrand expanded...

  • News PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Available in Midnight Black Starting Next Month

    Sounds dark

    So, you've got your Midnight Black DualSense controller for PlayStation 5, but it doesn't match any of your other accessories. Not the end of the world, of course, but it would be nice to have everything match — including the PS5 itself. In the meantime, Sony has announced a new colour scheme for the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset...

  • News PS5 Revision Teardown Prompts Cooling Concerns

    But is it all an overreaction?

    One of the top trending videos on YouTube right now, a teardown of the revised PlayStation 5 model, claims that the console is “worse”. So just what’s the deal with the lighter PS5 that’s gone on sale in countries like Australia and even the UK over the past month or so? Well, in addition to the new thumb...

  • News PS5's Lighter, Revised Hardware Model Has Already Gone on Sale

    Stock hits UK and Australia

    Update: Eurogamer.net notes that the new PS5 model has quietly rolled out in the UK as well. The website published photographs sent in by a reader, showcasing the updated model's infamous new screw. The console was purchased from Smyth's Toys over the weekend, confirming that Sony is now distributing this lighter model in...

  • News PS4 Console Sales Limp to Just Over 116 Million

    Pat on the back

    The PlayStation 4 has had its time in the sun now as Sony focuses its manufacturing efforts on the company's new bit of hardware, meaning the last-gen piece of tech is sort of limping towards sales milestones instead of pushing for a last-minute dash. The company today recorded its results for Q1 of the 2021 fiscal year, and the PS4...

  • News Seagate FireCuda 530 Is the First Third-Party SSD Compatible with PS5

    But it comes at a cost

    Before the PlayStation 5 launched, system architect Mark Cerny said it would be a little while before third-party hardware manufacturers would produce SSDs compatible with the console, such is the speed of its internal drive. Now, though, it looks like some companies are catching up. Seagate's latest SSD, the FireCuda 530...

  • News PS5 Digital Edition Revision Sheds 300 Grams, Revises Base Screw

    Losing the lockdown pounds

    The ultra-rare PlayStation 5 Digital Edition has been on a diet, according to documentation discovered in Japan. Sony has submitted paperwork for a new model (CFI-1100B) which according to the manual is 300 grams lighter than its predecessor and has a slightly more manageable base screw. It’s unclear if there are any...

  • News Walmart Upgrades Some PS5 Digital Edition Orders to Blu-ray Model

    Free of charge, as well

    Actually finding PS5 stock has been hell for many gamers, but the wait may have been worth it for some Walmart customers. Emails shared on Twitter show how a handful of PS5 Digital Edition purchasers were upgraded to the Blu-ray model for free, after the retailer oversold its allocation of

  • News Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PS5 Bundles Release in France

    Due out this week

    Update: If you needed further evidence of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PS5 bundles releasing in France, well, here they are. Real, physical hardware boxes featuring Insomniac Games' platformer on the cover. So far, these have only released in France, but we'll let you know if they're made available elsewhere. Original Story:...

  • Random You Wooden Believe This Custom Build Is a PS5 Console

    But it is

    We can probably all agree that the PlayStation 5's visual design is not to everyone's tastes. While we rather like the bold choice Sony made for the console's look, not everybody agrees. The curvy surfaces and white-and-black colour scheme are striking, but understandably, fans disagree whether it looks good. For those that don't like the...

  • News PS5 UK Stock Was So Bad in April Even PS4 Outsold It

    Life in the old dog

    Sony’s done a reasonable job of replenishing PlayStation 5 stock specifically in the UK this year, but April was a barren month for the next-gen console in Britain. In fact, so bad was the supply that the Japanese giant’s new system was actually outsold by its predecessor. Now obviously the PS4 is still a brilliant box with...

  • News PS5 Redesign to Manufacture in 2022, Will Likely Only Alter Internals

    TSMC apparently plotting new 6nm chip

    The ongoing semiconductor shortage is unlikely to be resolved any time soon, but Sony had hinted that one solution to PlayStation 5’s stock shortages could be to “change the design” of the next-gen device. Specifically, it’s referring to t

  • News PS5 Sales Now Trending Above PS4 Launch Aligned in Japan

    But no one's buying any games

    After all the hullabaloo surrounding the PlayStation 5’s launch in Japan – stock issues mean that it was trending behind even the Nintendo Wii U at one point – the next-gen console is now selling faster than its predecessor the PS4 did in the region when launch aligned. It’s worth remembering that the PS4...

  • News PS4 Clock Battery Problem Proven, But Don't Panic Right Now

    Physical and digital games unplayable

    As reported recently, an oversight in the PlayStation 4’s firmware could render your physical and digital games unplayable in a hypothetical, faraway future. A simple clock battery inside the console is used to verify the time and date that Trophies are unlocked in order to prevent cheating, but these will die...

  • News PS5 Has Been UK's Best-Selling Console Two Months in a Row

    But you still can't readily buy one

    You can’t readily buy a PlayStation 5 here in the UK, but it’s been the best-selling console in the country two months in a row now. As reported earlier in the week, the system has now outsold the lifetime totals of the Nintendo Wii U, PS Vita, and SEGA Dreamcast – a not all together extraordinary feat when...

  • News PS5 Has Already Outsold PS Vita, Nintendo Wii U, and SEGA Dreamcast in the UK

    And you can't even easily buy one

    Just how well is PlayStation 5 doing in the UK? Well, it’s hard to get a read on the next-gen format’s fortunes due to it being perpetually sold out, but a Twitter post from GamesIndustry.biz’s Christopher Dring puts matters into perspective: in right around five months, the system has outsold cult consoles...

  • News PS5 Sales Steadily Improve in Japan, As Stock Situation Steadies

    Console crosses 500k milestone

    Update: Just as a quick update to this article, the new Famitsu sales data for the period spanning 22nd March to 28th March has now been published. PlayStation 5 continued its excellent sales streak, shifting another 62,295 units, putting its life-to-date total at 580,211 units. Once again the Nintendo Switch...

  • News Stock Constrained PS5 Unit Sales Lag Behind PS4 by Less Than 1 Per Cent in USA

    During a pandemic, no less

    How well is the PlayStation 5 selling? Absurdly well in the United States, according to NPD data. We already know that, across its first four months on the market, it’s the fastest selling system of all-time in dollar terms – but what of units? Well, according to analyst Mat Piscatella, it’s lagging behind the PS4...

  • Poll Have You Been Experiencing Drift on Your DualSense PS5 Controller?

    Losing control

    While we're huge fans of PlayStation 5's DualSense controller, no hardware is completely free of faults. For all its fancy features, like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, it's a highly technical bit of kit, and so there are bound to be one or two issues that crop up. There hasn't been anything too widespread as far as we're...

  • News Custom Black PS5 Consoles, Controllers Will Be Available to Pre-Order This Week

    But numbers are limited

    While we think the PlayStation 5 looks pretty spiffy with its white casing, there's very much a desire among fans for a black design. Many fans have taken matters into their own hands, customising their PS5s by painting the removable panels. What if you want something more professional, though? Your options are growing...

  • News Once Again, Japanese PlayStation Hardware Sales Have Fans Talking

    Here weeb go again

    There’s been a lot of talk about PlayStation sales in Japan recently, and that point of discussion looks set to continue as 2021 gets underway. Hardware sales statistics released by Famitsu – and compiled by ResetEra – reveal that in 2020, for the first time since 1994, cumulative Pla

  • Random Looking For a Media Centre That'll Fit Your New PS5? IKEA's Got You Covered

    Some assembly required

    We don't need to tell you how big the PlayStation 5 is. It's a monster, and everyone knows it. For some, it's been a bit of a struggle to accommodate the newfangled machine in their existing setup. The PS5 just won't fit into some TV stands and entertainment centres. Perhaps you need to get new furniture to house your console,...

  • Rumour PS5 Ships 3.4 Million Units in First Four Weeks

    Sony sets new hardware record

    Sony’s been surprisingly coy when it comes to console sales numbers of the PlayStation 5, but we reckon that comes down to the fact that demand has vastly outpaced supply. Regardless, a report by Digitimes – citing “industry sources” – claims that the manufacturer shipped an eye-watering 3.4 million next-gen...

  • News PS5 Hardware Trailer Is Completely X-Rated

    Not safe for work

    Sony’s dropped a new PlayStation 5 hardware trailer, showing its entire next-gen product line. This is a saucy clip that’s certainly not safe for work, indulging in all of the curves and angles of the company’s new console. It’s not massively dissimilar to videos we’ve seen of the device in the past, but we’re always...

  • News PS5 Is UK's Best-Selling Console in November 2020

    Not a huge surprise

    Unsurprisingly, having already secured the UK’s largest ever launch, the PlayStation 5 was the country’s best-selling console in November 2020. It means that, for only the third time in two years, the Nintendo Switch was forced to settle for second-place. It was a worthy competitor for Sony’s new system, seeing a 63.1 per...

  • News More PS5 Stock This Year, As Sony Enjoys Biggest Ever Launch

    Biggest console launch of all-time

    Update: Games Industry.biz has expanded on Sony's Twitter post, stating that the PlayStation 5 is not just the biggest console launch in PlayStation history – but also the entire industry. That seems reasonable, seeing as the PlayStation 4 previously held that accolade. Original Story: Sony has confirmed what...

  • Poll Have You Experienced PS5 Coil Whine?

    Whirred and wonderful

    PS5 coil whine has been perhaps the biggest complaint of next-gen early adopters. While Sony’s new console is undoubtedly quieter than its PlayStation 4 range, some users are reporting an irritating whistling sound when playing graphically intensive games, like Demon’s Souls. This can range from a whining to a buzzing to a...

  • News PS5 Sold Out in Japan, But Launch Numbers Are Dire

    Second-worst PlayStation launch since PS2

    PlayStation 5 has sold out in Japan, although it won’t be setting any records. In fact, predictably, this is the second-worst major PlayStation hardware launch in the region (including handhelds) since the PlayStation 2, beaten only by the PlayStation 3. The console sold 118,000 units in four days...

  • News Some PS5 Digital Editions Are Shipping with Blu-ray Drives

    A nice surprise

    In an extreme case of getting more than what you paid for, there are multiple reports of PlayStation 5 Digital Editions shipping with Blu-ray drives. While the two models of Sony’s next-gen system are identical in terms of hardware, the platform holder is offering a cheaper alternative for those who purely want to purchase software...

  • News PS5 Stock Available at Costco Canada, But It Comes with a TV and All the Accessories

    Decent deal if you need everything, though

    Costco Canada is flogging PlayStation 5 bundles this week, which include a brand-new 55” Sony 4K television, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and all the accessory trimmings. For CAD$2,199.99 (USD$1,675.99), you get a PS5, an extra DualSense, a DualSense charging station, a Media Remote, a copy of...

  • News PS5's Design Was Originally 'Much Larger' Than the Final Product

    "I actually had to shrink it down"

    PlayStation 5 is notoriously big. So big, in fact, that people are worried where it'll fit in their homes — it is, after all, the largest home console ever made. It's not the end of the world, of course, and hey, you should count yourself lucky. According to PlayStation's senior art director, it could've been...

  • News PS5 Uses Much Less Power Than PS4 Pro

    Energy saver

    Good news for the environment and your electricity bill: the PlayStation 5 is much more energy efficient than its immediate predecessor, the PlayStation 4 Pro. According to analysis published by Eurogamer.net, the next-gen system uses as little as 1.3W when in Rest Mode with all of its features enabled, compared to 5W of the PS4 Pro...

  • News Unofficial PS5 Faceplate Business Cancels Orders After Threat of Legal Action from Sony

    Pulled the plug

    Well, this all went downhill rather quickly, didn't it? A brand new company was planning on producing and selling a variety of unofficial PlayStation 5 faceplates. It would allow you to change the look of your new console by replacing the white shell with alternative colours or patterns. It's clearly something people are interested...

  • News Unofficial PS5 Faceplate Seller Has to Rebrand After Sony Complaint

    Now named CustomizeMyPlates

    Last week, a brand new website caused quite a stir amongst the PlayStation 5 community as it promised to sell you unofficial, custom faceplates for the next-gen console just after it hits store shelves. Named PlateStation 5, you would be able to customise your PS5 with different coloured plates, including red, black,...

  • News Sony Targeting Over 7.6 Million PS5 Sales by End of March

    More than the PS4

    Sony is aiming to sell over 7.6 million PlayStation 5 consoles by the end of March next year, as the company has raised its overall profit outlook by 13 per cent to ¥700 billion (~$6.7 billion). The organisation tends to be cautious with its hardware forecasts, so don’t be surprised if it eclipses that number. Nevertheless,...

  • News PS5 Custom Faceplates Are Already Available to Pre-Order

    Unofficial ones, anyway

    The PlayStation 5's white outer shell can be easily removed from the console. It's yet to be officially confirmed, but the theory is that we'll be able to replace the default casing with different coloured or patterned faceplates in the future. We wouldn't be surprised to see Sony flogging all kinds of custom panels down the...

  • News PS Camera Adaptor for PS5 Included with New Japanese PSVR Bundles

    Out of the box

    Sony’s yet to officially disclose how we’ll get access to the PS Camera adaptor required to use PlayStation VR on the PlayStation 5, but it looks like the company’s making preparations for new hardware purchases. Over in Japan, a couple of new PSVR bundles will ship with the required equipment to hook up to Sony’s next-gen...

  • News PS5's Crazy Cooling Solution Should Make for One Quiet Console

    Cool beans

    PlayStation 5 is huge in size, but now that we've seen what makes the machine tick, it's easier to understand why. As shown off by Sony's Masayasu Ito in the teardown video, a massive part of PS5's design is to ensure it's kept cool and that it runs as quietly as possible.

  • News PS5's Dust Catchers Will Make for Easy Cleaning

    In a vacuum

    There are a lot of thoughtful design flourishes to the PlayStation 5’s hardware, but the dust catchers are an ingenious idea. Situated behind the primary faceplate, you simply need to detach the outer layer to locate two holes. These can then be easily vacuumed out to keep the console