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  • News PS5 Finally Takes Control of Japanese Charts, As Forspoken Flops

    New-gen console comfortably outsells Nintendo Switch

    It’s taken a long time, but PS5 is finally doing well in Japan. The system, capped for so long by poor availability, has been gradually getting a foothold in its native territory – and while the Nintendo Switch still very much reigns supreme, it’s finally overtaken the hybrid this week. Sony...

  • News PS5's Market Share Is Expanding Significantly in Xbox's Backyard

    Sony takes control in USA

    There had been a school of thought that, due to the various stock shortages, Sony and Microsoft were neck-and-neck in the all-important battleground of the United States. That’s actually not the case, and the PS5 is actually outperforming the Xbox Series X|S at a ratio greater than the PS4 against the Xbox One at the same...

  • News PS5 Shipments Eclipse 32.1 Million Units, with Huge Year Ahead

    Lock stock

    Sony managed to ship an impressive 7.1 million PS5 consoles in the quarter ending 31st December, showcasing an enormous improvement in hardware availability. In the same period a year prior, it was only able to supply 3.9 million units, so it almost doubled stock availability. It’s since promised that the new-gen console will be much...

  • News As PS5's Stock Situation Improves, Japanese Retailers Are Ditching Lotteries

    Order direct

    Sony promised the PS5 would be much easier to find in 2023, and it’s slowly becoming a reality. Sales are improving dramatically in the manufacturer’s native Japan, where for the longest time you’ve had to register your interest with retailers in order to partake in lotteries for the opportunity to purchase a system. That practice...

  • News Sony Could Skip PS5 Pro for PS6, Says Social Media Scuttlebutt

    Detachable disc drive model coming in September

    There may not be a PS5 Pro this generation, with Sony potentially planning to skip a supercharged mid-gen refresh in favour of a full-blown successor. Reliable industry snoop Tom Henderson teased the tidbit on Twitter, as he weighed in on a recurring report that PlayStation will overhaul its new-gen...

  • News PS5 Stock Will Be Easier to Find as Sales Surpass 30 Million Units Milestone

    Sony's new-gen system is a beast

    PS5 has now surpassed 30 million units sold through to consumers, after enjoying its most successful month since launch in December 2022, according to boss Jim Ryan. The milestone was announced during Sony’s CES 2023 press conference, and improves upon the 20 million units milestone the firm announced on 31st May,...

  • News Sony Reveals Highly Customisable Accessibility Controller for PS5

    Project Leonardo will break down barriers

    It’s no secret that Sony has been a pioneer of accessibility in games, with its first-party productions like The Last of Us: Part I and God of War Ragnarok winning awards for their commitment to ensuring they’re playable by all players. However, one piece that’s been missing has been a true revision of...

  • News Sony Bigwig Teases Very Important 2023 for PS5

    "I can’t talk about specifics at this time"

    In a wide-ranging interview with Japanese gaming bible Famitsu, Sony’s senior vice president of platform experience Hideaki Nishino hinted that 2023 will be “very important” for PS5. “I can’t talk about specifics at this time,” he said, via Google Translate, “but I hope you will look...

  • News 'Flawless' New PS5 with Some Devs, Features Detachable Disc Drive

    Likely to launch next year

    A revised PS5 hardware model with a detachable disc drive is now in developers’ hands, according to original rumourmonger Tom Henderson. The reliable Insider Gaming scribe first broke news of the revamped console earlier in the year, but now claims to have heard from two separate sources that test kits are out in the...

  • News Sony Says It's Resolved Long-Term PS5 Stock Shortages

    Will deliver new-gen console to many customers

    Sony bigwig Jim Ryan told an audience at the PlayStation Partner Awards a few days ago that Sony has resolved PS5’s stock shortages. His message, targeted at publishing partners, added that it will be able to deliver the new-gen console to “many customers in Japan and Asia” starting “this...

  • News PS5 Stock Scalper Bots Losing Interest in Sony's New-Gen Console

    But only a little bit

    As PS5 stock becomes more readily available, and starts to dominate hardware sales charts again, scalper bots are beginning to lose interest. That’s according to a report by Netacea, which tracks the products targeted by scalper bots on a quarterly basis. According to its results, while Sony’s new-gen system remains very...

  • Rumour Sony Will Flood Stores with PS5 Stock in 2023, Revamped Model Due in September

    Sources suggest more than 30 million units will ship

    If you’re still having trouble finding a PS5 console – and stock has massively improved in recent months, to be fair – then you’ll allegedly have no issues in 2023. A follow-up report from Insider-Gaming – which previously

  • News PS5's Bonkers Dev Kit Looks Like an Alien Space Craft in the Flesh

    Poised for take off

    Many of you will be familiar with the outlandish design of the PS5’s dev kit by now – after all, diagrams that leaked several years ago gave us our very first glimpse of Sony’s successor to the PS4. But this is the first time we’ve been able to get up-close-and-personal with the hefty hardware, courtesy of YouTuber

  • Rumour PS5 Redesign to Feature Detachable Disc Drive

    Optional accessory expected next September alongside refreshed format

    Sony will allegedly release a redesigned PS5 hardware model next year, and its biggest change will be a detachable disc drive. According to reliable reporter Tom Henderson, writing for a new website named Insider Gaming, players will have the option to connect an UHD Blu-ray disc...

  • News PS5, PS4 Had 1.5% of Console Market Share in Japan Last Week

    A blot on its record

    We all know Splatoon is a phenomenon in Japan, and that Sony’s situation in its domestic market is “challenging” to put it politely. But the latest Famitsu sales report will surely be sobering for the top brass at PlayStation, as its consoles slumped to just 1.5 per cent of the overall market share for the week ending 11th...

  • News Lighter, More Energy Efficient PS5 Has Revamped Gubbins

    Cheaper to manufacture, more expensive to buy

    There’s a new PS5 in town, and early analysis suggests it’s lighter and more energy efficient than its predecessors – perfect for the impending energy crisis. In fact, a brand new teardown from YouTuber Austin Evans reveals that the innards have been completely revamped: Sony is using a smaller...

  • Reaction PS5 Price Hike a Sobering Sign of the Times

    But Sony needs to work harder to justify costs

    As energy bills skyrocket and grocery prices soar, we greeted today’s PS5 price increase news with a shrug: of course it’s gone up. The reality is that everything is getting more expensive, from essentials like fruit and vegetables to luxuries like your Netflix subscription – why would video games...

  • News Why the PS5's Price Hasn't Changed in USA

    Two cents

    Sony is being absolutely slaughtered on social media for increasing the price of the PS5 outside of the United States. Many are understandably frustrated that the firm appears to be gouging consumers across Europe, Australia, and its native Japan. While that criticism is founded, it’s also important to look at the facts. The US dollar...

  • News Sony Ceases to Share Shipment Updates for PS4

    After 117.2 million units sold

    Sony is no longer providing shipment updates for the PS4, its previous console. While the system remains very relevant in terms of software support, and the platform holder did commit to manufacturing more, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad noted that the organisation appears to have pulled the plug on new official...

  • News Sony Coy on Potential PS5 Price Increase

    "There is nothing specific to share"

    Sony has failed to rule out a potential PS5 price increase, as it said there is “nothing specific to share” on the subject. Speaking to investors in an earnings call earlier in the week, the company was asked about a hypothetical hike after it bumped the MSRP of a number of its home electronics, including...

  • News Sony's Goal Is to Become the Nike of Gaming Gear

    Just do it

    Think about your favourite athletes across a number of sports. Whether it’s Giannis Antetokounmpo in the NBA, Cristiano Ronaldo in the Premier League, Emma Raducanu in the WTA, Tiger Woods in the PGA Tour, or long-distance runner Eliud Kipchoge, they all have one thing in common: they wear Nike gear. This is a marketing tactic as old as...

  • News This Is the Closest You'll Ever Get to a PS3 Devkit

    Early PS Vita devkit also showcased

    Here’s a fascinating video from Linus Tech Tips: a PS3 development kit pulled apart and showcased in all of its enormous glory. The giant 2ft behemoth was used by developers to create games for Sony’s last-last-gen console, and the clip even includes development build footage of titles like Life Is Strange,...

  • News Sony's INZONE $899 Gaming Monitor Will Automatically Optimise PS5's HDR

    EVO 2022 sponsored by company's new gamer gear

    As rumoured last week, Sony has announced a new range of gaming-specific hardware, including two monitors and a trio of headsets. The line, named INZONE, is headlined by the M9: an $899.99 27-inch 4K IPS monitor with 144Hz refresh rate. The panel matches the white and blue aesthetic of the PS5, and is...

  • News PS5 Stock Shortages Force Format to Fall Behind Xbox for a Second Week in Japan

    Low five

    Sony’s trying time in its home country continues, as the PS5 was outsold by the Xbox Series X|S in Japan for a second week. This already occurred once in mid-May, and was noteworthy because it was the first time a PlayStation console had been beaten by an Xbox platform in the weekly Japanese hardware charts for over a decade. Acco

  • News Sony Invites You to Find Your Zone on 28th June

    Hardware announcements incoming

    As rumoured earlier in the week, it looks like Sony will announce a new line of gamer-focused products on 28th June. The initiative – apparently not led by PlayStation – will span several new announcements, including a trio of headsets which have already leaked and a cou

  • Rumour Sony Poised to Reveal 'Perfect for PS5' Gaming Monitors

    And multiple new headsets leak

    As the synergy between Sony subsidiaries looks set to increase, the Japanese giant is plotting a new line of consumer electronics under the INZONE brand name. This, according to journalist Tom Henderson, will initially span three new headsets and two gaming monitors – the former of which has already started to leak...

  • News PS5 Slim That's Just 2CM in Height Built by YouTuber


    We all know that the PS5 is a bit of a beast in terms of size – love it or loathe it, the console is borderline obnoxious, isn’t it? Given the ongoing semiconductor shortages, it’ll probably be a good few years before we get a PS5 Slim, so one industrious YouTuber has taken on the task himself. This is actually a really entertaining and...

  • News PS5's Rumoured Pro Controller Could Have a Sturdy Solution to Stick Drift

    Replace the entire analogue stick unit

    Those worried about paying a small fortune for one of Sony’s rumoured pro controllers for PS5 only to get stick drift may be able to put their concerns on ice – an update to journalist Tom Henderson’s original report suggests that you may be able to remove and replace the entire analogue stick unit. This...

  • News PS5 Pro Touted for 2023 by TV Company, But Seems Highly Unlikely

    Just a guesstimate

    TCL Technology, a television and electronics manufacturer, appeared to allude to the release of a hypothetical PS5 Pro during a presentation this week. The supercharged system, spotted as part of a PowerPoint by Polish website PPE and shared by journalist Tom Henderson, is touted by the firm for a 2023 or 2024 release date. It’s...

  • News PS5 Outsold by Xbox in Japan for First Time, But All Stock Related

    High five?

    In what will undoubtedly be painted as a humiliating twist for Sony, the PS5 was outsold by the Xbox Series X|S in Japan during the week ending 15th May – and it wasn’t even close. Before we delve any deeper, it’s worth noting that while Microsoft’s console has been doing comparatively well in the Land of the Rising Sun, its...

  • News Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Bundle Registrations Now Open in USA

    Good luck getting your hands on one

    Console bundles are nothing new, as packaging a high-profile game alongside a brand new console is a no-brainer. It's perhaps due to a lack of PS5 stock that Sony's latest hasn't had an official bundle so far in its lifecycle. Until now, that is. As first relayed by the inimitable Wario64 via Twitter, and

  • News Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold PS4 in USA

    Records exist to be broken

    Whisper it, but when all’s said and done, we reckon there’s a distinct chance the Nintendo Switch will have outsold even the PS2 – it’s certainly on track to do so. For now, the hybrid hardware’s latest achievement is outselling the PS4 in the United States, as confirmed in the latest NPD report, which is...

  • News PS5 Hardware Resurges in UK After Dismal Start to the Year

    Best month of the year for rebounding box

    PS5 has been posting poor sales numbers of late because of a lack of supply – and not, it’s important to underline, because of a lack of demand. Microsoft recently gloated that it was stealing marketshare from its closest competitor, but the caveat has always been Sony’s inability to ship enough...

  • News Sony Is Predicting Improved PS5 Stock Availability

    Praise the gaming gods

    It’s been a rough few months for PS5 stock, with even Microsoft claiming that it’s stealing market share from Sony’s console. But there have been signs around the world that things are slowly beginning to improve, with availability being a bit better in the UK – and that being reflected in the software sales charts,...

  • News Cutting-Edge PSVR2 Presentations Scheduled for GDC

    Coming into focus

    This may be the week we learn a little more about Sony’s next-gen PSVR2 headset, which still remains something of a mystery. While we’ve seen the hardware and controllers, and even a few seconds of Horizon Call of the Mountain gameplay, specifics like software lineups very much remain undercover. But a GDC presentation from...

  • News PS5 Stock Registrations Open in Europe Now

    Sony combating the scalpers

    While the PlayStation 5 has been easier to purchase at points over the past few months, it still remains largely elusive. One way Sony is trying to combat scalpers and get the console into the hands of fans is by selling the device directly, and we’ve seen it launch its PlayStation Direct storefront in Europe following...

  • News Sony Reportedly Planned to Cease PS4 Production at the End of 2021

    PS5 shortages mean it'll keep going, though

    Picking up a PlayStation 5 is still rather difficult, thanks to part shortages seriously slowing down production. Because of this, Sony Interactive Entertainment made the decision to continue making PS4 consoles throughout 2022. That's according to a new report from Bloomberg, who cite anonymous sources...

  • News Sony Quietly Squashes PS5's Dead Battery Concerns


    You may recall a furore earlier in the year, when it emerged that Sony consoles, like the PlayStation 5 and PS4, could potentially be rendered unplayable in the future due to an oversight in their design. The summary is this: the systems use an internal battery to verify Trophy unlocks, which need to be authorised by pinging a PSN server...

  • News PS4 Sales Have Dropped Off Enormously Since PS5's Release

    Just 200k sales in previous quarter

    At one point in time, the PlayStation 4 looked like it would rival the PS2 to become the best-selling console of all time – but now that seems impossible. In the quarter spanning July through September, the system sold just 200k units, taking its lifetime tally up to 116.6 million. In the same period, the supply...

  • News 'Checkmate, Lawyers' - dbrand Returns with Newly Designed PS5 Faceplates

    Infringement-dodging Darkplates 2.0 now available

    Over the weekend, you might have read about dbrand's dispute with Sony over the company's replacement PlayStation 5 faceplates. In a nutshell, dbrand put its black 'Darkplates' on sale, and some time later, Sony's legal team sent it a cease and desist letter, claiming the product infringed on...

  • News Sony Threatens to Sue Company That Goaded It to Sue Over Black PS5 Replacement Plates

    Quelle surprise

    "Go ahead, sue us." It's a bold strategy for a company to effectively ask a much larger one to sue it, and that's exactly what happened a while back with dbrand. It's a business that creates and sells custom shells, skins, and decals for all kinds of consumer electronics like smartphones and laptops. Not too long ago, dbrand expanded...

  • News PS5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset Available in Midnight Black Starting Next Month

    Sounds dark

    So, you've got your Midnight Black DualSense controller for PlayStation 5, but it doesn't match any of your other accessories. Not the end of the world, of course, but it would be nice to have everything match — including the PS5 itself. In the meantime, Sony has announced a new colour scheme for the Pulse 3D Wireless Headset...

  • News PS5 Revision Teardown Prompts Cooling Concerns

    But is it all an overreaction?

    One of the top trending videos on YouTube right now, a teardown of the revised PlayStation 5 model, claims that the console is “worse”. So just what’s the deal with the lighter PS5 that’s gone on sale in countries like Australia and even the UK over the past month or so? Well, in addition to the new thumb...

  • News PS5's Lighter, Revised Hardware Model Has Already Gone on Sale

    Stock hits UK and Australia

    Update: Eurogamer.net notes that the new PS5 model has quietly rolled out in the UK as well. The website published photographs sent in by a reader, showcasing the updated model's infamous new screw. The console was purchased from Smyth's Toys over the weekend, confirming that Sony is now distributing this lighter model in...

  • News PS4 Console Sales Limp to Just Over 116 Million

    Pat on the back

    The PlayStation 4 has had its time in the sun now as Sony focuses its manufacturing efforts on the company's new bit of hardware, meaning the last-gen piece of tech is sort of limping towards sales milestones instead of pushing for a last-minute dash. The company today recorded its results for Q1 of the 2021 fiscal year, and the PS4...

  • News Seagate FireCuda 530 Is the First Third-Party SSD Compatible with PS5

    But it comes at a cost

    Before the PlayStation 5 launched, system architect Mark Cerny said it would be a little while before third-party hardware manufacturers would produce SSDs compatible with the console, such is the speed of its internal drive. Now, though, it looks like some companies are catching up. Seagate's latest SSD, the FireCuda 530...

  • News PS5 Digital Edition Revision Sheds 300 Grams, Revises Base Screw

    Losing the lockdown pounds

    The ultra-rare PlayStation 5 Digital Edition has been on a diet, according to documentation discovered in Japan. Sony has submitted paperwork for a new model (CFI-1100B) which according to the manual is 300 grams lighter than its predecessor and has a slightly more manageable base screw. It’s unclear if there are any...

  • News Walmart Upgrades Some PS5 Digital Edition Orders to Blu-ray Model

    Free of charge, as well

    Actually finding PS5 stock has been hell for many gamers, but the wait may have been worth it for some Walmart customers. Emails shared on Twitter show how a handful of PS5 Digital Edition purchasers were upgraded to the Blu-ray model for free, after the retailer oversold its allocation of

  • News Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PS5 Bundles Release in France

    Due out this week

    Update: If you needed further evidence of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart PS5 bundles releasing in France, well, here they are. Real, physical hardware boxes featuring Insomniac Games' platformer on the cover. So far, these have only released in France, but we'll let you know if they're made available elsewhere. Original Story:...

  • Random You Wooden Believe This Custom Build Is a PS5 Console

    But it is

    We can probably all agree that the PlayStation 5's visual design is not to everyone's tastes. While we rather like the bold choice Sony made for the console's look, not everybody agrees. The curvy surfaces and white-and-black colour scheme are striking, but understandably, fans disagree whether it looks good. For those that don't like the...