It's a pretty well established fact that horror games and virtual reality are a match made in spooky heaven. The extra dimension adds so much to the immersive experience, it's no surprise that PlayStation VR has lots of horror titles to, er, enjoy. Cult hit Layers of Fear was ported to PC VR systems a while back, but now it's PSVR's turn.

Yes, Bloober Team is bringing its house of horrors to PSVR very soon, on 29th April. The game leads the player through a decrepit mansion as it explores the struggles of an artist who's losing his mind trying to create his masterpiece. Later this month, VR enthusiasts will be able to explore the shifting, atmospheric house as though they were really there. It certainly sounds inviting, doesn't it?

It's pretty good news for PSVR fans, who've been patiently waiting for some exciting new software to enjoy. Will you be checking out Layers of Fear in VR? Watch out behind you in the comments section below.

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