In a new PlayStation Blog post that revealed multiple new PlayStation VR titles headed to the headset throughout the coming year, Sony slipped in a brief mention of the next piece of virtual reality hardware it has in the works. While it did stop short of revealing any new information, the Japanese giant is said to be delighted by the reaction the new device received from PlayStation fans. "We were delighted by the enthusiasm we saw from the community around last week’s announcement of our next-generation VR system for PS5. We’ll have more to share in the future."

No new tidbits for us to munch on, of course, but it must be nice for Sony to freely talk about the fact this exciting new PSVR headset is coming in the future. So far, we know it will sport just a single wire and support new controllers. The latter of which will "incorporate some of the key features found in the DualSense wireless controller, along with a focus on great ergonomics." The new headset won't be launching this year, but what we can look forward to is feeling "an even greater sense of presence" as well more immersion within the worlds created by developers across the globe.

But if you want to jump into the world of PSVR right now, no matter whether it's on PS4 or PS5, today's reveals have given something for you to look forward to. Doom 3: VR Edition is bringing back the 2004 FPS classic in virtual reality, Song in the Smoke brings the survival genre to PSVR, and then Fracked looks like a pretty darn cool FPS. We then received confirmation that I Expect You to Die 2: The Spy and the Liar is now in the works, Zenith takes the MMO genre and puts it in PSVR, and the day was rounded out by a fresh look at After the Fall.

What was your favourite PSVR announcement made today? And what do you hope the next-gen PSVR headset utilises in terms of features? Let us know what you think Sony has planned in the comments below.