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  • Hands On Arca's Path Brings Marble Madness to PSVR

    Super monkey ball

    Virtual reality allows us to interact with video games in ways that simply wouldn't be possible with a controller, and Arca's Path, from British developer Dream Reality Interactive, is about to introduce yet another take on control and movement within the PlayStation VR space. Without any sort of DualShock 4 or PlayStation Move...



  • News Strange Brigade Scores Free Monthly Content

    And a Season Pass

    Launching games is only part of the puzzle these days: you’ve got to support them long after release as well. Strange Brigade, the co-op shooter scheduled to drop at the tail end of August, is already looking further into the future, announcing monthly free content drops and a Season Pass which will include a three-part...




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    Review Rogue Trooper Redux

    Clone army

    PS2 curio Rogue Trooper is an unlikely candidate for the remaster treatment. Taken from the pages of eclectic British comic 2000AD, Sniper Elite developer Rebellion had a decent stab at trying something new with the always swamped third-person shooter genre. Receiving positive reviews, it’s since faded into obscurity.  Hopefully,...

  • Hands On Rogue Trooper Redux Recaptures PS2-Era Action

    Rogue legacy

    Oxford developer Rebellion has quite the checkered history, stretching across 23 years and multiple platforms. Now best known for the ball-busting Sniper Elite series, its output ranges from classic (Aliens vs Predator) to not so classic (Rogue Warrior). Now, alongside fellow UK studio Tick Tock Games, it's revamping a PlayStation 2-era...




  • News Sniper Elite 4 Sets Sights on First Story DLC Next Week

    Free multiplayer content also coming

    The very likeable Sniper Elite 4 will be receiving the first part in its Deathstorm mini-campaign story starting 21st March, with a further two instalments set to follow later in the year. Playable for up to two players, the first episode will whisk you away to the snowy setting of Northern Italy, where you must...


  • Video Set Your Sights on Some Sniper Elite 4 PS4 Gameplay

    Sight life

    We've busted our balls busting balls to bring you a Sniper Elite 4 review ahead of its release date, but you probably fancy a bit of video footage to go with it, right? The above isn't the tightly edited clip you've come to expect from Push Square; technical issues put pain to that. But it does include a good 12 minutes of gameplay...

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    Review Sniper Elite 4

    Italia snipey

    Elite operative Karl Fairburne has busted more balls than Sasha Grey during a particularly intense bukkake session, and he's back to scope out more in Sniper Elite 4. This time the American's perfectly parted hair has eloped to Italy, where he must scupper an assassination plot involving the balding Dwight D. Eisenhower. A series of...


  • News Point Your Scope at Sniper Elite 4's 101 Trailer

    In sights

    We love these 101 trailers that Rebellion likes to put out. There's nothing wrong with fancy cinematic trailers, but sometimes you just want to know what a game has to offer, and this Sniper Elite 4 clip spells it all out so that there can be no confusion. It details everything from the kind of gameplay experience you can expect, right...



  • News Battlezone Reboots with Bad Ass PS4 Pro Support

    Tanks for the support

    Battlezone's already one of the better PlayStation VR experiences – review forthcoming, we promise – but it looks like it's going to shine on the PlayStation 4 Pro, too. Rebellion has released patch v1.02 today which enhances the virtual reality exclusive for Sony's new hardware, and you can expect sharper image quality...








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    Review Zombie Army Trilogy

    Just a little off the top

    Zombies have been the perennial whipping boys of the shooter genre for a while now, and it was inevitable that at some point they'd get mashed up with Nazis – second in the cannon fodder league table – to create the ultimate guilt-free targets to blast away at. While Zombie Army Trilogy on the PlayStation 4 is far from...

  • Round Up Zombie Army Trilogy PS4 Reviews Rise from Their Grave

    You did Nazi this one coming

    There are games like Journey and The Last of Us, which attempt to challenge us emotionally – but sometimes you just want to embed bullets in rotten flesh. Zombie Army Trilogy, a PlayStation 4 compilation of Rebellion's undead-'em-up, has shuffled onto Sony's next-gen system this week, and promises to make the hunt for...



  • News Zombie Army Trilogy Rises from Its Grave on PS4

    We did Nazi that coming

    With all of the testicle targets and what not, British developer Rebellion's strangely popular Sniper Elite series is already insane – but Zombie Army Trilogy aims to up the ante with hordes of the undead. Due out on the PlayStation 4 later this year, the rotting release will include Zombie Army 1 and 2 from the PC, as well...


  • News Aim for the Head in Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army on PS4

    Silent scope

    Ever since it’s allowed you to detach the private parts of opposing forces, it’s been hard to take Rebellion’s long-range shooting series Sniper Elite seriously. Fortunately, the British developer’s embraced that silliness, adding x-ray cams to cars in the upcoming Sniper Elite III – and confirming that undead spin-off...


  • News Prepare Yourself for War with Sniper Elite V2's Demo

    Pull the trigger

    Publisher 505 Games has confirmed that it will release a demo for Rebellion’s upcoming Sniper Elite V2. The short sampler will launch at some point this month ahead of the game’s full release in May. It’s unclear what the demo will include, but we’re expecting a mission or two from the final game. Remember, if you pre-order...


  • News Change History with New Sniper Elite V2 Trailer

    End this hellish war

    It’s telling that the most interesting thing about Sniper Elite V2 is its pre-order bonus, but, having said that, killing flippin' Hitler is a pretty big selling-point after all. The additional mission’s up for grabs now for all those who register interest in Rebellion’s sequel ahead of its 4th May release. Just please,...


  • News NeverDead Heads To Retail Early Next Year

    We're going to be honest, we don't know a whole lot about Konami's NeverDead

    We know it's being developed by British-based studio Rebellion. And we know that the game's protagonist is immortal, able to lose limbs during combat and then pick them up at a later date. But that's about the extent of our knowledge. Perhaps that's all Konami wants us to know because, to be honest, that does sound pretty..


  • News Sniper Elite V2 Coming To PlayStation 3 In 2012

    505 Games has announced that it will publish Sniper Elite V2 on the PlayStation 3 next year

    The game is being developed by Rebellion. “It’s very exciting to be working with one of the new breed of major publishers like 505 Games,” said Rebellion CEO, Jason Kingsley. “Sniper Elite was an important, genre-defining property and we’re hoping to have even greater success by teaming up with the..


  • News AvP Developer Rebellion Get Down And Dirty With Sony's NGP

    A Develop report states that British outfit Rebellion -- the guys behind the infinitely popular Aliens Vs

    Predator — are actively involved with Sony's new NGP handheld platform. The report notes that the studio has successfully reworked its Asura Engine to take advantage of Sony's portable "in preparation for a new series of internally-built handheld projects". Apparently the studio..







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