Bloober Team's Blair Witch game is spooky enough on a regular display, but for the real horror fans out there, how about experiencing it in PlayStation VR? Blair Witch: VR Edition brings the full game over to Sony's headset, allowing you to explore the forest alongside Bullet immersed in virtual reality. Oh, and the game is out today, 12th August.

This version of the game has plenty of benefits and new features. Your canine companion, for example, feels more real in VR; you're able to pet him, offer him treats, shake his paw, and give him objects to sniff using the PS Move controllers. In addition, environments have been given added interactivity, with more objects to mess with as you unravel the mystery. There's also the marker pen, which you'll use to write on paper and other objects in real time, and lots of other interactive moments like unlocking doors, opening up cars, and more.

There will even be new creature encounters and other sights and sounds, meaning even if you've played before, this version of the game will feel unique. With the new control scheme streamlining commands and interactions, this could be worth a shot if you're a fan of the franchise.

Again, it's available today for $29.99 on PSVR. Will you be playing Blair Witch: VR Edition? Take a bullet for Bullet in the comments section below.