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  • News Sony San Diego Has a Brand New Office and Logo

    First-party developer on the move

    It’s all change at MLB The Show developer Sony San Diego, which seems to be the latest team under the PlayStation first-party umbrella to be leveling up. The studio – which also houses the Product Development Services Group and, purportedly, an entirely new unit rumoured to be working on an original Uncharted...

  • News PS Vita's Not Quite Done Yet, Despite Reports to the Contrary


    Sony’s largely called time on the PlayStation Vita, with hardware and cartridge production mostly over. There are still a surprising number of titles being published globally on the PlayStation Store, however, but there had been some speculation overnight that support may be coming to an abrupt end.

  • Feature Which Studios Could Sony Realistically Acquire?

    Expanding the exclusive output

    While it’s never made quite the same song and dance about it as Microsoft has in recent years, Sony’s history is peppered with developer acquisitions designed to strengthen its first-party portfolio. It purchased Dutch developer Guerrilla Games in 2004 and long-time partner Sucker Punch in 2011. In the same general...

  • News Alan Wake Seems Set for PS4 After Remedy Acquires Rights

    Xbox 360 exclusive on the way

    Update: Remedy Entertainment has told that it "could bring Alan Wake to different platforms if we so choose", suggesting a PlayStation 4 port could very well happen in the future. However, it added that it has nothing to announce now, and that it's "fully focused" on Control, which is due out next month...

  • News Sony Looking to Buy Up New Game Development Studios as PS5 Looms

    Welcome to the team

    Over the weekend, news broke that Sony is looking to double down on its philosophy of producing high quality, PlayStation exclusive titles with the PlayStation 5. With the next-gen console supposedly set to launch in late 2020, you can bet that the Japanese giant is incredibly busy behind the scenes, no doubt preparing itself for...







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