Fracked has just been announced exclusively for PlayStation VR. From the developers of Phantom: Covert Ops, this is a virtual reality first person shooter set in a mountain fracking facility that's been overrun by interdimensional beings. Video games, ladies and gents.

What's pretty cool is that you'll be able to freely move between running, shooting, climbing, and skiing. The aim is to have a VR game that gives you a full range of movement. It's being built to be as 1:1 with your movements as possible, meaning you'll need to lean into turns when skiing, and you'll be physically ducking down behind cover.

Also worth noting is that, if you play this on PS5, you'll get some enhancements to the experience, including "improved framerates, loading times and resolution".

Fracked is coming to PSVR this summer. What do you make of it? Hit the slopes in the comments section below.