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  • Soapbox I Don't Like Playing Scary Games, But I Do Like Watching Them

    Push Square's resident wuss confesses all

    As Halloween draws near, we all start thinking about our favourite spooky-scary games and movies. The holiday is a perfect excuse to revisit some horror favourites or discover new ones. That is, unless you're like me, who goes as far as carving pumpkins but would rather eat a sickening amount of sweets and...






  • Soapbox Cyberpunk 2077 and the Question of Fast Travel

    It's all about the journey

    In the lead-up to Cyberpunk 2077, I've been revisiting The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt during a quiet period in-between PlayStation 4 releases. I already played the game upon its 2015 launch, but five years later, my appreciation for CD Projekt Red's mammoth RPG has only strengthened thanks to some truly incredible quest design...

  • Soapbox PS5 Will Be Sold on the Strength of Its Sequels

    And that's a good thing

    This industry craves new intellectual property at every opportunity, but I believe the PlayStation 5 will be sold on the strength of its sequels. Sony has been excellent at re-imagining its roster of franchises every generation: Naughty Dog famously ditched Jak & Daxter in favour of Uncharted; Sucker Punch moved away from...

  • Soapbox Sony Needs to Share a PS5 Roadmap

    Worst timeline

    I really don’t think the communication surrounding the PlayStation 5 has been as bad as some enthusiast forums would lead you to believe, but it’s obvious there’s a lot we still need to learn about Sony’s next-gen system. Coronavirus has, in my opinion, turned the industry upside-down – but the manufacturer’s had a few...












  • Soapbox Are We to Blame for the Lack of Gameplay at E3 2019?

    Sammy reckons outrage culture may have played a part

    I’ve been thinking a lot about the lack of gameplay at E3 2019, and I’m starting to wonder if we’re to blame. Do you remember ‘Puddlegate’ at all? It was a ridiculous controversy that marred the launch of Marvel’s Spider-Man, driving thousands of views to our website – even though we...


  • Soapbox Why 3D Audio Will Be PS5's True Game Changer


    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: diminishing returns. Whenever there’s a new console lurking around the corner, you can guarantee you’ll stumble upon at least one spoilsport, cynically proclaiming that video games have reached their peak. The insinuation is often that, even with all of the computational power in the world, it’s...

  • Soapbox Days Gone Is the Biggest 180 I've Ever Done on a Video Game

    Liam actually likes Days Gone now

    Had you told me a week ago that I would be thoroughly enjoying the Days Gone experience in seven days' time, I'd assume you had gotten me mixed up with someone else. I couldn't stand the opening handful of hours, but the more I forced myself to play it, my opinion began to change. You may have picked up on that...

  • Soapbox Why Syphon Filter Must Make a Return

    Sammy's pining for Gabe Logan

    I really like Days Gone. I wouldn’t say I was particularly excited for the apocalyptic open worlder, but somehow it’s become one of my favourites of the year. I can accept that it’s a flawed title that’s not doing anything especially special, but occasionally a bang average game comes along that appeals to me...