Synth Riders landed on PlayStation VR last month and we absolutely loved it. Synth Riders launched with an incredible selection of music — even discounting the tracks locked behind a paywall — and not only did it have a great gameplay loop, but also the best VR solution to sustained notes to date. We couldn't wait to see what song packs were on the docket after the title's launch.

Well, it turns out, the answer was the welcome return of a familiar face: Muse. With a few tracks already in the game --as well as an "experience" version of their song "Algorithm" — the Brit rockers return with a pack all to themselves.

While the pack launched on September 16th for the other VR headsets, the pack is now available on PSVR and includes five songs, and of course a new "experience" featuring Synth Riders' absolutely brilliant renditions of interactive music videos. If you nab the pack you can expect to rock out to:

  • Starlight (This is the experience track as well)
  • Uprising
  • Madness
  • Reapers
  • Pressure

A pretty broad pack then, with songs from across many of the band's albums rather than zeroing in on just one or two. Are you interested in scooping it up? Is it worth breaking out your trusty headset? Sound off with your favourite Muse track in the comments below