Back when PlayStation VR was just getting started, Moss was an early winner of hearts with its super-cute protagonist and innovative platforming gameplay. Guiding Quill the mouse through fantastical environments remains a joy, even if it does end all too quickly. Fortunately, Moss: Book II is right around the corner.

Developer Polyarc has today announced a release date of 31st March for the sequel, which means it's only a couple of weeks out. Accompanying this news is a 12-minute gameplay video, courtesy of PlayStation Underground. It looks to be a similar experience, controlling Quill directly while helping her out with your own inputs. The world seems to be a bit more interactive and varied — it seems like a natural continuation of what was done with the first game.

Anyway, are you excited to get your hands on Moss: Book II? Will you be checking it out later this month? Reach down into the comments section below.

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