Sony's PlayStation VR headset has housed some of the most unique gaming experiences on offer over the past couple of years, and Wanderer looks to be another one for that impressive list. Scheduled for release later this year for the first PSVR device, meaning it'll operate as a PS4 title, the fascinating game from developer Oddboy places humanity's fate in your hands. A talking wristwatch (yes, really) helps you forge a path through an alternate, apocalyptic timeline where the past, present, and future must be reshaped to help forge a better world. We told you this one is unique.

A PlayStation Blog post pitches Wanderer as "a unique blend of escape room-style puzzles and hands-on action sequences that will see you bring together objects and events from various time periods in sometimes unlikely and inventive ways." It continues: "Take a step back into history, with full motion control on dual PS move controllers, to experience beautifully detailed worlds that come to life with realistic and innovative physics-based interactions."

Just some of the examples given include walking on the moon, taking part in a rock concert in 1969, and Boston in exactly forty years time. Nikola Tesla even features in one scene. "Uncover traitors in the dying days of an arms race as you crack codes during WW2. Prepare intricate machinery alongside frenzied inventor Nikola Tesla as you help prepare his world power machine. Take the stage in 1969 and give the performance of a lifetime to unite a generation. Defend a king and civilization from what seems to be an inevitable downfall in the 1500s." This sounds like one ambitious project.

Wanderer will hit PSVR in Q3 2021 — can you wait until then? Share your first impressions in the comments below.