Jigsaw puzzles can be a nice way to relax, but if you've ever felt they're a bit one-dimensional, perhaps Puzzling Places will be worth a look. Just announced on the PlayStation Blog, this new game for PlayStation VR challenges you to put together 3D puzzles using fragmented pieces of real world locations.

It doesn't look as though there's much to it, but we can imagine this being a very chilled out experience. In virtual reality, you can examine the puzzle from every angle, and slowly piece together some picturesque locales. We quite like the idea, and it's surprisingly not really been done before.

There's a bit of a wait for this one — it's due out for PSVR in the Winter of this year, so there's a good six months or more before it arrives. Still, are you interested in Puzzling Places? Put your thoughts together in the comments section below.

[source blog.playstation.com]