PlayStation VR is slowly and steadily receiving new games, and one of the more promising titles coming soon is Fracked. Exclusive to Sony's headset, the game takes place in the Alaskan mountains, where a fracking facility is centre stage in an invasion from interdimensional creatures. It's always looked good in gameplay videos (the above being no exception), so we're excited to get our thermals on and check it out ourselves.

Fortunately, you won't have to wait to give it a try. Developer nDreams has today released a free playable demo for the game, available right now on PS Store. The demo contains a portion from the shooter's opening moments, featuring on-foot, climbing, and skiing gameplay — and of course, plenty of baddies to shoot.

The game also now has a release date. Fracked will launch on 20th August, a full month after the demo's arrival. Will you be checking out the demo, or waiting for the full thing next month? Take to the slopes in the comments section below.