PlayStation VR

Credit where credit is due: Sony is fully committing to virtual reality. While it could easily have dropped the burgeoning technology after a very slow start, it seems the platform holder is busy building on what it achieved with the first iteration of PlayStation VR. It was announced last week that a second PSVR device is in the works for PS5. In Sony's statement, it promised some great upgrades over the original, but obviously the proof will be in the pudding.

PSVR is a great first crack at the technology. It's obviously not as advanced as some of the devices you'll find on PC, but Sony offers a relatively affordable entry point that still delivers a good experience. Virtual reality is a very expensive niche of gaming, but PSVR is ideal for newcomers and those on a more limited budget. There's a reason it quickly became the market leader.

Of course, it's far from perfect. For your money, you'll get a VR experience that's good enough, but it can definitely be better. One of PSVR's biggest issues is that it's a bit of a pain to set up, with lots of cables and extra hardware needed to get it working. The screen can be a little blurry thanks to a low resolution, and the PS Move wands — which have been kicking about since 2010 — don't offer the best control experience.

The good news is that Sony will be addressing all of these shortcomings with the upcoming device. PSVR 2, or whatever it'll be called, will feature a one-cable solution, meaning it'll be far easier to plug in and play. No breakout boxes or camera adaptors required. The Japanese giant also says it will offer enhancements to resolution, field of view, tracking, and input. Perhaps most exciting of all, the company is developing a brand new controller to accompany the new headset, which will incorporate some of DualSense's features.

It sounds like a big leap forward for PSVR, but there are still plenty of questions. With all this improved tech, what will be the cost of the new hardware? Will it be a smaller, lighter design? What will software support be like going forward? Will the experience match up to that offered by PC VR units? What other features might this new headset have?

And so, we throw open the floor to you lot. Clearly there's loads of potential for virtual reality on PS5, and it's great that Sony is doubling down on the tech. What are your expectations for PSVR 2? What would be the ideal scenario? Tell us what you want to see in the comments section below.

Which of the new PSVR's announced enhancements are you most excited about?