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TodayMon, 29th May 2023

  • News Namco's Ace Combat 3 Receives New "Complete" Fan Translation

    Time Extension Extras like AppenDisc and Mission 00 VHS also fansubbed!

    When the flight-sim Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere was released in the West on PlayStation back in the year 2000, it went through a bunch of changes from the Japanese original, with much of the story being jettisoned to reduce the costs of localization. Because of this, it got some not-so-great...

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  • News The Witcher 3 Sales Top a Ridiculous 50 Million

    Geralt of here

    There are some evergreen games that just end up going far beyond sales expectations. Grand Theft Auto V, for example, is still featured in best sellers lists, having surpassed an utterly insane 180 million copies in its lifetime. And although the vast, vast majority of titles released today could never even dream of reaching that kind...

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  • News Sony's Huge Days of Play Sale on PS Plus Subs, PS5 Games, Accessories, Begins This Week

    Time to play

    As has become an annual tradition, Sony has announced that its Days of Play promotion will return this year. It kicks off on the 2nd June — lasting one week — and will see prices slashed all across PlayStation, from games and PS Plus subscriptions to console accessories and merchandise. The PS Plus discounts are usually a Days of...

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  • News No, Dragon's Dogma 2 Isn't Adding Co-Op Multiplayer

    So says Capcom

    Following on from its gameplay reveal at the PlayStation Showcase, we've seen a frankly surprising number of people theorising that Dragon's Dogma 2 is adding multiplayer. That is to say, the option to play cooperatively with other players. However, there appears to be no real basis for this speculation — especially since the game's...

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  • News UK Sales Charts: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Manages a Top 10 Debut, Sells Best on PS5

    Now there's a riddle

    Update: Some valuable context for the UK's charts has come in from head Christopher Dring. He says The Lord of the Rings: Gollum's physical sales were negligible, but the game still managed to have a better launch than LEGO 2K Drive (which, in case you're interested, has dropped to 13th): Original Story:...

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  • News Sony 'Not in Talks' with CD Projekt RED About an Acquisition

    Weekend rumour squashed

    A CD Projekt RED representative has squashed rumours spread over the weekend that the Cyberpunk 2077 developer is on the verge of being picked up by Sony. A Destiny 2 leaker shared claims of an apparent acquisition along with a Days Gone sequel being greenlit, but neither are true. In response to the claims, Ola Sondej of CD...

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  • News Final Fantasy 16 Was Planned for PS5 and PS4, But the Last-Gen Version Would Have Taken Too Long

    Praise Bahamut

    A PS4 version of the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI was in development at some stage, although getting it up to snuff would have added years of dev time, producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed. In an interview with Final Fantasy Union, Yoshida said on the matter: "What I can say is that while developing, we originally had a plan to release...

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  • News Insider Says Silent Hill 2 Remake, Townfall, and Ascension Trailers Incoming

    Triple threat

    Silent Hill fans could be eating well in the coming days if brash talk in the digital equivalent of the Mos Eisley Cantina is anything to go by. Insider Dusk Golem (who leaked the news that Silent Hill 2 was coming ahead of the official reveal) posted on TheSnitch's Discord channel that we'd be seeing trailers for the remake, Silent...

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  • News Despite Facing Huge Hurdles, Star Wars' PS5 KOTOR Remake Is Still in Development

    Star Forge-ing onwards

    It looks like that troubled Knights of the Old Republic remake for PS5 is still in development, for the time being, at least. That's according to the latest Embracer Group financial report, which lists the title in its announced games section. This is something of a ray of hope for the title; when asked as

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  • News Marvel's Spider-Man 2's Peter Parker, Miles Morales Will Have Unique and Shared Skill Trees in PS5 Sequel

    Better together

    Marvel's Spider-Man 2 stole the show at the last week's PlayStation Showcase and — perhaps unsurprisingly — drew in massive numbers. The ability to switch between Miles Morales and Peter Parker, ala GTA 5, was gi

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  • News Autobot Icon Optimus Prime Will Roll Out in Fortnite's Chapter 4, Season 3 on PS5, PS4

    To any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars

    Everybody's favourite Autobot will debut in the upcoming season of Fortnite, according to a couple of oft reliable sources. Optimus Prime, the Transformers GOAT and an inspiration to us all, is coming in Chapter 4, Season 3, according to both known Fortnite leakers HYPEX and

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  • News Killer Cyborg Bryan Fury Loves to Laugh in Tekken 8 Reveal

    Laugh it up

    A staple of the series since Tekken 3, cyborg madman Bryan Fury returns in Tekken 8 — and he somehow seems even more unhinged than before. His brutal fighting style is very much intact, and he just won't stop laughing. Bryan brings Tekken 8's current roster total to 15, but there's obviously more to come. Bandai Namco hasn't really...

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  • News Sony Will Have More PS5 Presentations This Year, Sources Say

    Although that's not surprising, is it?

    If you include the various State of Play broadcasts, Sony has been hosting multiple livestreams every year for quite some time. This week’s PS Showcase was, however, significant because it was more closely aligned with a traditional E3 press conference – at least, that was the intention, anyway. While there...

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YesterdaySun, 28th May 2023

  • Guide New PS5, PS4 Games This Week (29th May to 4th June)

    Hit the streets

    What new PS5 and PS4 games are releasing in physical retailers and as part of the PS Store update this week? The release calendar picks up the speed a bit this week, as we hurtle head-first into a stacked June. Click through the links for a full list of all new PS5 games release dates in 2023, all new PSVR2 games release dates in...

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  • News Phantom Blade Zero, the Awesome PS5 Action Game from PS Showcase, Sounds Too Good to Be True

    Mobile developer goes mad with first major project

    While the big PS Showcase this week was ultimately a bit of a disappointment, there were some awesome PS5 games in it – and one title which particularly caught the eye was Phantom Blade Zero, the high-octane Chinese action game with the less than stellar voice acting. This is being developed by a...

    • S-GAME
    • PS5
    • Phantom Blade Zero
  • News Like a Dragon Showcase Announced for June

    Like a Dragon Gaiden surely a lock

    SEGA and Yakuza Like a Dragon developer RGG Studio have announced that they'll be hosting a presentation next month, on the 15th June. Adding to what is already an incredibly busy period for the industry — thanks to Summer Game Fest and a stacked release schedule — the 'RGG Summit' will no doubt give us a look...

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  • News Marvel's Spider-Man 2 PS5 Hype Huge As Gameplay Reveal Nears 20 Million Views

    It's going to be big

    Arguably the biggest winner from Sony’s PS Showcase this week was Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, with its gameplay reveal attracting an absolutely colossal amount of attention. At the time of writing, the official PlayStation upload of the gameplay footage has attracted over 7.4 million views, while the Marvel version is sitting...

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  • Mini Review Railway Empire 2 (PS5) - Locomotive Strategy Sim Has Signal Failure

    All aboard the innovation train

    Throwing us into the brink of a revolution, Railway Empire 2 starts in 1830 at the dawn of the age of railways. It’s an exciting time for the rail industry, with many competing companies wanting a piece of the pie and many discoveries changing the face of rail travel. There are various game modes, including a...

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Saturday27th May 2023

  • News No Honkai: Star Rail PS5, PS4 Release Date in Galactic Roaming Reveal

    Likely on hold until v1.2 now

    After a brief delay to the livestream which left PS5 and PS4 owners on tenterhooks, there was no confirmation of a Honkai: Star Rail release date for Sony’s systems in the title’s latest broadcast. There had been some rumours that the previously announced PlayStation port of HoYoverse’s turnbased RPG would be made...

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  • News Insomniac Could Bring Down the Internet Adapting This 90s Homage in Spider-Man 2


    Few IPs in modern history have contributed such a bountiful harvest of memes as Spider-Man. While

    • Sony
    • PS5
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  • News Gollum Studio Daedalic Has Another Lord of the Rings Game in Development

    "Give us that, Daedalic my love."

    The developer behind 2023's worst-rated PS5 game (so far) has another Lord of the Rings title in development, it seems. This follows the chaotic launch of Lord of the Rings: Gollum, which was released in such an atrocious state it prompted an immediate apology (absent an explanation) from the developer and a

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  • News Bungie’s Marathon Trailer QR Code Leads to ARG with More Hidden Information

    Here for the long run

    Users have taken to Twitter after finding a QR code hidden within the Marathon trailer released at PlayStation’s Showcase on Wednesday. This code led users to a website with a bunch of code and a login page. After some code cracking, users were able to login and recover some videos of

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  • News Action RPG Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest Adventures to PS5, PS4 in September

    Worldwide release date confirmed

    The shockingly named Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai now has a release date. It launches worldwide for PS5 and PS4 on the 28th September, and it's nice to see Square Enix committing to releasing new Dragon Quest titles on the same day all over the globe. We're sure Dragon Quest XII and Dragon Quest...

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  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? - Issue 478

    We're pop stars

    And just like that, the PS Showcase has come and gone, and the mood is sour. But have no fear for the release schedule is absolutely stacked with quality #Content, and there's really never been a better time to own a PS5. Khayl Adam: Planning a quiet, indoor weekend, and if all goes to plan to dive into Crusader Kings 3: Console...

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  • Random Gran Turismo Director Solicits WipEout Lore Expert, Gets Former Psygnosis Dev

    Fortuitous, indeed

    Neill Blomkamp, director of the upcoming Gran Turismo flick (which actually looks quite good, by the way) raised some eyebrows when he called for a Wipeout lore expert on Twitter. We already knew that Blomkamp was a fan and that he was teasing fans online as recently as yesterday, but this takes things another step in the right...

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  • News Minecraft’s Free Trials and Tales Update Has a PS4 Release Date

    Sniffer it out

    The latest free content update for Minecraft, Trails and Tales, has been dated for release on 7th June. This update adds a whole host of new content: biomes, mobs, features, blocks, armour, and more. The major release sees the addition of some long awaited features, including cherry blossom biomes and archeology, where players are...

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