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  • News Move Over Power Glove! Sony Patents PlayStation VR Mittens

    Everything else is child's play

    They do say that everything comes full-circle eventually, so if PlayStation VR is merely a next-gen Virtual Boy, then we suppose that it makes sense for Sony to be planning a Power Glove alternative, too. A patent filed by SCEA shortly after the announcement of Project Morpheus in 2014 suggests that the company's at...

  • News PlayStation VR's Price and Release Date May Be Incoming

    Save the date

    With both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive already (extortionately) priced, all eyes are on Sony and its PlayStation VR headset. Fortunately, we may be learning a little more about the accessory imminently, as the platform holder is inviting press to a special event on 15th March in San Francisco. The date coincides with the Game...

  • News PlayStation VR Will Dominate Space if Less Than $500, Says Pachter

    But will it be?

    While there are three different high-profile virtual reality headsets scheduled to launch this year, it doesn't feel like they're necessarily in competition. That's not to say that Sony, HTC, and Oculus don't want you to buy their own particular solution, but the trio of manufacturers seem to be acutely aware that their biggest...

  • News So, That Other VR Headset Will Cost You $800


    This story's not really PlayStation related, but it's relevant to the virtual reality discussion, so we're just putting it out there: HTC's Vive will retail for a cool $799.99 when it starts shipping in April 2016. Assuming that you've got enough kidneys to sell, pre-orders will begin at 10:00AM ET on 29th February. This obviously makes the...

  • News So, Hideo Kojima Seems Pretty Sold on PlayStation VR

    Virtual insanity

    To say there's no scepticism surrounding PlayStation VR would be a lie. Every time we write about the peripheral – or virtual reality in general – it comes under some criticism from both readers and the wider web alike. But speaking with Polygon, ex-Metal Gear Solid maker Hideo Kojima has suggested that the cynicism is misplaced...

  • News PlayStation VR May Be Launching Later in the Year Now

    GameStop lets slip fall release window

    PlayStation VR is still officially due out before July, but we don't think that anyone believes that at this juncture. Our understanding is that the hardware's finished, but Sony's waiting for the software to catch up. And perhaps recognising that developers are still a fair few months off, it may have delayed...