Do you know what PlayStation VR was missing? Another bloody cable! Sony’s somewhat short-sightedness means that the proprietary slot used for the PlayStation Camera on the PlayStation 4 is no more on the PlayStation 5, and thus it’s having to supply PSVR users with a free adaptor to make up for its foolishness.

As previously reported, new PSVR bundles in Japan will come with said accessory in the box, and here’s your first look at the additional piece of plastic in the flesh. It was photographed by new PSVR owner @HiLL_SHERPA on Twitter, and is a little larger than we’d expected. Basically, it’s a rectangular piece of plastic, with an input port for the PS Camera on one end and a short USB cable on the other.

See for yourself:

You can currently request the adaptor on Sony’s website, and you can find out more information in our guide: How to Get a Free PS5 PlayStation Camera Adaptor for PSVR. We’d ask you for your opinion on this but, well, it’s just a piece of plastic, isn’t it? There’s really not a lot to say.