If you're looking for even more zombie-slaying action on PlayStation VR following the supposedly excellent The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, you might want to keep your eye on The Walking Dead Onslaught. It has just been given a confirmed release date of 29th September 2020 for Sony's virtual reality headset, and you can catch a fairly lengthy glimpse of it in the trailer above.

While that is most certainly not Andrew Lincoln lending the voice of Rick Grimes, Norman Reedus has returned as Daryl Dixon. The game is "set shortly after the Savior War in an Alexandria devastated by the fighting, and struggling over its ideals. It will take risk and sacrifice to mend this broken society and rebuild the Alexandria Safe Zone for future generations." Daryl plays the lead role in the story-based campaign, but you'll also be able to play as Rick, Michonne, and Carol in a Scavenger Mode. This is an infinitely replayable option that tasks you wish completing supply runs while avoiding overwhelming amounts of walkers.

The Walking Dead Onslaught has been developed by Survios, who put out one of PSVR's best in the form of Sprint Vector. It also worked on CREED: Rise to Glory so this team clearly knows what it's doing in virtual reality -- this could be a pretty noteworthy experience. Will you be keeping a close eye on this one as September rolls around? Take on the horde in the comments below.

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