Best PS5 Co-Op Games Guide 1

What are the best co-op games on PS5? For as long as video games have been around, there have been cooperative experiences to share with your friends and family. Co-op games are as prolific as ever on PS5, and we need your help to find the best examples.

Playing a co-op game can be one of the most enjoyable ways to play. There are obviously countless examples of competitive multiplayer, but buddying up with others to tackle a common goal can be just as rewarding, if not more so. The cooperative element can be as simple as an extra mode that's a side act to the main game — Returnal is a great example — or it can become the focal point of a title's whole experience, as seen with It Takes Two.

Whatever the case, playing alongside others is often hilarious fun as you strive to work together. Local couch co-op is arguably the best experience, especially with games such as Overcooked: All You Can Eat, but online co-op can be just as entertaining. Back 4 Blood and Deep Rock Galactic are proof you don't need to be in the same room to have a blast.

Just from our given examples, you can see that co-op games on PS5 are super varied. In order to find the best of the best, we need the Push Square community to determine which games feature on this list, and in what order. Yes, by rating co-op games, you'll have a direct impact on how this list looks. This page is driven purely by you and your rankings.

The easiest way to take part is to use the below search bar. Find a PS5 game featuring co-op, then click the star and choose your personal rating from 1 to 10. Doing so will influence what games appear on this list, and in what order!

Note: A game will need at least 50 ratings before it arrives on this page. If there's a game you think is missing from this page, it might just need a few more ratings to make an appearance — use the search bar and get those ratings in.

Without further ado, here are the best co-op games on PS5, as decided by you.

30. Marvel's Avengers (PS5)

Marvel’s Avengers is a multiplayer beat-'em-up where, as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes you will venture off on expeditions, smashing robots to smithereens, gathering upgradable loot, and levelling up your very own hero. There are 12 heroes to master, each with their own unique playstyles and abilities. While it's no longer receiving live support, there's still plenty to sink your teeth into here.

29. Back 4 Blood (PS5)

Left 4 Dead lovers rejoice: it's back, albeit under a different name. Back 4 Blood is a zombie-popping co-op FPS that tasks a team of four with surviving through numerous missions while fighting back the horde. It's a grisly post-apocalyptic romp that emphasises teamwork to overcome the sheer number of shufflers inching towards you. A card-based loot and upgrades system means that you can run through the campaign many times and find new equipment to use or tactics to employ. A great time with a few friends, the only ones groaning about this shooter are the zombies themselves.

28. FIFA 21 (PS5)

As was the case with NBA 2K21, EA Sports took the next-gen transition from PS4 to PS5 as an opportunity to spruce up FIFA 21 in some significant ways. While the biggest changes, namely HyperMotion Technology, would be reserved for FIFA 22, the publisher delivered one of the more significant graphical passes in the franchise’s history, adding luxurious new hair physics and some truly impressive player models. The package was, as a whole, a bit uneven – and ultimately, it’s still FIFA at the end of the day – but this represented a strong start to the new generation for the ever-popular soccer sim.

27. Aliens: Fireteam Elite (PS5)

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is a third-person co-op shooter where as a squad of Colonial Marines you will fight through hordes of Xenomorphs across a planet-hopping campaign. It’s a relatively simple experience, harking back to the PS3 era of IP tie-ins, but with build customisation and plenty of lore to soak up, this is undoubtedly one for fans of this iconic sci-fi series.

26. Fortnite (PS5)

The most popular game on the planet is also totally free to play. Fortnite needs no introduction — it's a kid-friendly multiplayer shooter that brought battle royale to the forefront. It keeps people playing with its simple but engaging gameplay, and ever-evolving playlists and modes ensure there's almost always something new to try. Beyond the core game, what's even more impressive is Fortnite's usage as a digital venue; movie nights, concerts, and more have been held inside, playing to a virtual audience of millions. A cultural phenomenon, and it's showing no signs of slowing down.

25. FIFA 22 (PS5)

FIFA 22 feels like real football, and it’s all the better for it. Impressive improvements to player positioning, ball physics, and animations make for a supremely satisfying simulation that underpins each of the franchise’s flagship modes. Career Mode doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but the ability to create a club is entertaining, and the changes to Player Careers are overdue. Microtransactions still rule supreme in Ultimate Team, and you’ll already have your own personal opinions on that, but there’s so much to do in the game that you could easily invest hundreds of hours into it without seeing a single loot box.

24. Outriders (PS5)

Outriders is a looter shooter, but it goes a little deeper into the role-playing genre with an involved character driven story. However, chaotic combat is really at the centre of the experience, where crunchy weapons combine with class-based skills of destruction. Outriders is great fun at its manic best, and even when it's not, you can always amp up the action with one or two other players in co-op.

23. Deep Rock Galactic (PS5)

Deep Rock Galactic is a real mish-mash of ideas, but everything works together in harmony to create a super fun co-op experience. A team of up to four dwarves are recruited to delve into a strange planet and mine its precious resources, but will come up against some resistance from the insect-like locals. Each player class has totally unique weapons and abilities that complement the others perfectly, making simple objectives a joy as you all puzzle it out — and blast aliens — together. Throw in procedurally generated stages, and you have the recipe for an endlessly replayable game you can really dig into.

22. Genshin Impact (PS5)

Genshin Impact earned an estimated $2 billion during its first year on the market, and has gone on to become something of a cultural touchstone. Also available on smartphones, the PS5 version of this staggeringly popular RPG truly brings developer HoYoverse’s vision to life, with vibrant visuals and a slick, responsive refresh rate. Those not caught in its gacha trap may lament its pricey microtransactions and demanding investment levels, but this is unquestionably a signature service game with a huge and dedicated fanbase to boot.

21. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War (PS5)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War may have largely been considered a safe instalment for Activision’s juggernaut first-person franchise, but its campaign introduces some interesting wrinkles for the series. For starters, there’s more player agency than ever before, making this a thrill ride you actually have an active role in shaping. One level, which sees you undertake undercover activities in a KGB headquarters, is more Hitman than Call of Duty – and a truly refreshing change of pace. This is, of course, all anchored by the traditional set-piece spectacle you’d expect to find from the series, and a solid multiplayer suite spanning some genuinely sumptuous maps, including a highly detailed 80s mall.