The PlayStation 5 might be shiny and all, but another piece of important Sony tech still making waves (just about) is, of course, PSVR. The original headset launched in 2016, having recently celebrated its fifth anniversary on the market. As such, we found ourselves wondering: where does Sony’s take on virtual reality currently stand in 2021, on the brink of next year when its second hardware revision is imminent? That’s the question we ask in today’s reflective video.

From the benefits of picking up a PSVR headset today, to the quality and number of games it's received this year, the holidays are a time of reflection, so we turn our attention to all these subjects and more. After all, PSVR remains the third pillar of PlayStation’s vibrant eco-system alongside PS4 and PS5, but is there still life in this little device yet, or is it worth waiting for the so-called PSVR2? Whatever your stance on VR, exciting times lie ahead.