First Contact Entertainment made a bit of a name for itself with Firewall Zero Hour, a PlayStation VR exclusive, tactical multiplayer shooter. Playing sort of like a virtual reality Rainbow Six: Siege, the game beloved by VR enthusiasts. The studio's next game, Solaris: Offworld Combat hit Oculus headsets last year, but it's finally gearing up for PSVR.

This is another multiplayer shooter, but swaps out strategic play for more immediate action in futuristic settings. The team has confirmed this game, which on a surface level reminds us of Quake and Unreal Tournament, will hit PSVR in "Spring 2021".

The above tweet also confirms a physical release is coming in addition to the digital version, in case you'd rather have a boxed copy. Additionally, First Contact has confirmed cross-platform play between Oculus devices and PSVR, so there should be a bigger pool of players than the studio's previous effort.

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