Are you ready for another trip? Jeff Minter, known for his kaleidoscopic arcade games like Polybius and TxK, is back with yet another rainbow-coloured adventure. This one's called Moose Life, and you can get it right now on PlayStation 4.

The game has been out for months on PC, but is now available on Sony's last-gen console. We've embedded a gameplay video above to give you an idea, and, well, yeah. As with all Llamasoft titles, this is designed to be a euphoric experience about entering a trance state. Created in the style of an 80s arcade game, it's all about chilling out with psychedelic colours and a techno soundtrack.

In terms of gameplay, this is essentially an arcade shooter, only you're playing as a moose and there are moose-themed power-ups. The whole thing is playable in PSVR too, if you really want to lose yourself. Frankly, we've watched that video and struggle to grasp what's happening, but maybe it's one of those that makes more sense when you're playing.

Again, it's out right now, and will only set you back $12.49 / £9.79. Will you be living your best life in Moose Life on PS4? Let us know in the comments section below.