Marvel's Iron Man VR PlayStation 4 PS4 PSVR Guide

Marvel's Iron Man VR is here, and we rather like it. With its intuitive controls, the game is successful in making you feel like the popular superhero. However, if you're just learning the ropes, you might be looking for some pointers. In this guide, we'll be going through the basics as well as some gameplay tips so you can soar through the game.

Marvel's Iron Man VR - Tips, Tricks, and Info for Beginners


Button / Input Action
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Motion controls Aim arms/hands for movement/shooting
T (or trigger) buttons / double tap T buttons Fly / boost
Move buttons Fire weapons
Square and Triangle buttons Turn camera
Hold Circle (left controller) / Hold X (right controller) Rocket punch/ground pound
X (left controller) / Circle (right controller) Stop
Hold X (left controller and Circle (right controller) Unibeam
Start Pause

Do You Have to Use PlayStation Move motion controllers for Iron Man VR?

Yes, a pair of PS Move controllers is required to play Marvel's Iron Man VR.

Flight basics

Flying in Iron Man VR is pretty straightforward, but let's go through it. The direction in which you fly is dictated by the direction your palms are facing. If you hold out your hands in front of you with your palms facing down, you'll fly straight up when you hold the triggers. To fly forwards, you need your arms by your sides with your palms facing back. Similarly, you can strafe left or right by aiming both of your palms in one direction.

You can also use your line of sight to make slight adjustments to your flight path. If you look in a direction, you'll veer that way without any other changes. Combine this with hand positioning and turning the camera to get around. It's easy to figure out how to fly, but difficult to master.

Combat basics

Like flying, combat in Marvel's Iron Man VR is intuitive and easy to get to grips with. You fire the majority of your weapons with the Move buttons on either controller -- that's the big button in the middle. However, which weapon you use depends on your hand positioning.

To use the standard repulsor blasts, you hold the Move controllers in an upright position, as if you're showing your palms facing forward (like Iron Man). Reticles will appear on screen for each hand, and then you just aim and fire.

To use auxiliary weapons -- special weapons mounted on the suit's gauntlets -- you need to hold the Move controllers so that they point forward, with your palms facing down. When you do this, you'll automatically switch to auxiliary weapons, and the reticles will change depending on what you have equipped.

You also have some melee options. Hold one of the lower inner buttons on either Move controller (Circle on the left, X on the right) and if you're close enough to an enemy, you can rocket punch them. With the button held, throw a physical punch to initiate the attack. It deals quite a bit of damage, and you can follow it up with two further swings for a three-hit combo. Hold the same button and look down at the ground, and you can do a heroic ground pound move, too.

Lastly is Unibeam, your most powerful ability. This charges up as you destroy enemies. When it's ready to fire, hold down X on the left controller and Circle on the right controller to use it. Then, aim with your gaze to take out any baddies.

Tips and Advice

You can play stood up or sat down

Many VR games require one stance or another, but Iron Man VR lets you play sitting or standing. As long as you have enough room to put your arms down by your sides for flying, it doesn't matter how you play.

You can change various VR comfort settings

In the menus of Marvel's Iron Man VR, you can find an option for VR Experience, where you'll find several options to ensure the game is comfortable to play. You can change things like the vignette, how camera turns work (smooth or in intervals), and more.

Equip both a long- and short-range auxiliary weapon

In the garage, you can change which auxiliary weapons your suit has access to. You'll start off with the smart missiles on both arms, but you can equip different weapons to each arm. Our advice would be to put a short range weapon on one arm and a long range ability on the other. That way, you'll be prepared for pretty much anything.

Play flight and combat challenges for more points

You unlock weapons and upgrades for the suit using special points earned from completing missions, but sometimes you might be a couple short. Fortunately, the game provides you with plenty of optional challenges that can give you another five points each, depending on your performance. If you need the points, there are lots of ways to get them.

Make use of your two suit loadouts

You have access to two loadout slots for the suit. This allows you to have two versions of the armour with different upgrades attached. Our recommendation is to make use of this feature, especially when you're going after the challenge missions. You could deck out one suit to be fast for the flight challenges, and the other to be more powerful to tackle the combat trials.

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