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    Review CastleStorm VR

    Castle crashers

    Zen Studios must be contractually obliged to port CastleStorm to every viable platform, because it seems to get around like a king on a crusade. It’s a weird one because the game has never, in this author’s opinion, been all that exciting – but people must enjoy it otherwise it wouldn’t keep popping up like a bad smell...

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    Review Smashbox Arena

    Smash 'n' grab

    Smashbox Arena is like a goofy PlayStation VR mix of SOCOM and dodgeball. Wielding two required PlayStation Move motion controllers, you’re armed with suction weapons that can be used to catch balls and propel them in the opposite direction. Your goal is to fling said spherical shapes in the direction of your opponent in order to...

  • News Virtual Reality Sport Sparc Enters Play on 29th August

    Speed ball

    CCP Games’ energetic PlayStation VR future sport Sparc will enter the field of play on 29th August, the developer has announced. The title – which sees you wielding two PlayStation Move controllers to throw and bat away balls in virtual reality arenas – was a big draw at E3 2017, and aims to do for Sony’s headset what Rocket...

  • News Sony Showcases Several Promising PlayStation VR Titles at ChinaJoy 2017

    And they're all coming to the West

    Sony’s trying really hard to stimulate the console development scene in China, and in addition to its adaptation of Monkey King: Hero Is Back, it’s also partnered with a bunch of developers to bring brand new content to PlayStation VR on a global basis. As part of its ChinaJoy 2017 press conference overnight,...

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    Review Theseus

    Labyrinth and repeat

    The tale of Theseus isn’t exactly a bad starting point for a video game. One of Greek mythology’s more popular yarns, it obviously depicts the titular warrior’s conflict with a murderous Minotaur – and his relationship with Ariadne, a descendent of Zeus. And that’s exactly the subject of this third-person PlayStation...

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    Review Tiny Trax

    Micro machines

    Tiny Trax is one of those games that’s just really good, y’know? Velocity 2X developer FuturLab rarely ever disappoints, and its PlayStation VR debut is predictably spot-on. A vibrant Scalextric-style slot racer, this arcade delight places you inside 12 fantasy dioramas and hands you control of one of several miniature vehicles,...

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    Review SUPERHOT VR

    Slow whoa

    On paper, SUPERHOT VR is probably the coolest game ever made; in practice, the first-person shooter is merely a very good PlayStation VR release. The homicidal hit assigns you the detached digits of an assassin in a whitewash computer simulation where time only moves when you do. Your objective? To annihilate a band of polygonal villains...

  • Video SUPERHOT VR Is Outrageously Entertaining on PlayStation VR

    Killer app (literally)

    If you’re in need of a reminder of how ridiculously amazing PlayStation VR is, then look no further than SUPERHOT VR – an outrageously entertaining first-person puzzler that sees you improvising in slow-mo against murderous red dudes. The game basically plugs you into The Matrix, as time only moves when you do. You need to...