After the Fall's post-apocalypse doesn't look particularly inviting, does it? Not that any post-apocalypse is all that cosy, but this example looks especially harsh. The PlayStation VR co-op shooter is set 20 years after a disaster spawns the Snowbreed, a once-human race of zombie-esque creatures, and it's driven humanity below the surface to survive.

We've known about the game for a little while now, but developer Vertigo Games has come out of hiding to share a new video that focuses on the Snowbreed. Described as having a wolf pack mentality, these zombies will attack you and three friends in large numbers, so you'll need to work together to stand a chance. There are also various enemy types to watch out for, including a brute that can pick you up and, presumably, pummel you to death. Nice.

There's more info on the enemies you'll face on the PlayStation Blog. As a reminder, the game will be cross-play compatible with those playing on PC VR units, so you shouldn't be short of people to team up with when After the Fall arrives in the summer. Are you excited for this one? Stay in the warm in the comments section below.