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  • News Kratos Is Coming to Fortnite Season 5

    Battle axe royale

    Well, here's a crossover we weren't expecting. Kratos, star of the God of War franchise and one of PlayStation's best known characters, will be coming to Fortnite as part of Season 5. The news emerged when the above image was leaked online, showing off the Kratos skin in all its glory. As you can see, the Ghost of Sparta's...




  • News God of War Ragnarok Announced for PS5 in 2021

    Ragnarok is coming

    Sony slipped a very brief God of War Ragnarok teaser trailer into its PS5 showcase. There isn't much to see here — just an icy God of War logo — but we do get to hear Kratos grumble some ominous words. Surprisingly, God of War Ragnarok is aiming for a 2021 release date on PS5. We honestly thought it'd arrive later than that,...

  • News Fans Believe God of War 2 Could Be Part of PS5 Showcase Event

    Because of Cory Barlog

    Honestly, you all do this to yourselves, sometimes! While we’re confident tonight’s PS5 Showcase Event will be worth the watch, we’ve been very reserved with our predictions because, well, we’ve seen how these things go before: Sony will put together a veritable smorgasbord of software, but it’ll never live up to the...


  • Quiz How Well Do You Know God of War?

    God of Quizzes

    The God of War series is one of PlayStation's most iconic. Kratos has been a first-party icon since the original released on PS2, and remains a hugely important character for Sony. The franchise has been a massive success in its 15-year history, but how much do you remember? In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of this...


  • Random God of War Is Now Also an Illustrated Story Book

    B Is for Boy

    God of War is a vast PlayStation 4 game about an epic quest, with drama and bloodshed at every turn. It will soon also be available in the form of a children's book. Titled God of War: B Is for Boy, Santa Monica Studio has worked alongside Insight Editions to produce an illustrated story book based on the adventures of Kratos and...





  • News God of War Dev Sends Social Media GIF Masters a Special Thank You

    Oh boy

    If you hang around on Twitter or Reddit or various other gaming-based forums, then you'll have no doubt come across the often stunning GIFs created by @SunhiLegend and @Much118x. The two of them have built a glowing reputation through crafting incredible looking gameplay clips -- and God of War developer Sony Santa Monica Studio has been...






  • News Sony Has Expressed Interest in an R-Rated God of War Movie

    And Steven DeKnight wants to make it

    It seems conversations have already begun regarding the adaptation of Sony's games into movies. The platform holder recently established PlayStation Productions to do just that, and according to ComicBook.com, film director and writer Steven DeKnight is keen to take on God of War. Apparently, the Hollywood...







  • News God of War Dev Could Not and Did Not Want to Make the Game Open World

    Wide linear, baby

    Back when it was in development, God of War director Cory Barlog was "adamant" not to make the game into an open world title. In an interview with Venture Beat, Barlog says that the team at Sony Santa Monica Studio couldn't possibly go toe-to-toe with existing open world blockbusters -- and it's not something that it wanted to do...

  • News God of War PS4 Director Says Plan for DLC Was 'Too Ambitious'

    God of more

    Lots of us have played and loved Santa Monica Studio's excellent God of War on PS4. While it's a generously sized game with plenty to see and do aside from the core story, many fans were left wondering whether any DLC would follow later down the line. Obviously, no extra content was released, aside from the Photo Mode and New Game Plus...

  • Game of the Year 2018 #1 - God of War

    Kratos returns to his throne

    God of War may just be the greatest comeback story of all time. After the by-the-numbers God of War Ascension, it felt like the curtain had closed on Kratos and Sony Santa Monica’s character action brand. But returning director Cory Barlog and his crew ripped up the franchise rule book, changing the camera perspective...






  • Review God of War III Remastered (PS4)

    Titan fall

    Republished on Wednesday 29th August 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of September's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. God of War has, over the course of six entries, got itself into a bit of a rut. Make no mistake, each instalment has been consistently excellent –...

  • News God of War Audiobook to Be Narrated by Mimir

    Novel penned by Cory Barlog's father

    A novelisation of Sony Santa Monica’s epic God of War revival is set to release next week, and it’ll be accompanied by an audiobook narrated by none other than Alastair Duncan – also known as Mimir. This is an incredible touch, as the severed head serves as a kind of storyteller throughout the PlayStation 4...

  • News God of War Patch 1.30 Adds New Game +, Out Now on PS4

    God of more

    God of War's long awaited New Game + update has deployed on PlayStation 4, allowing players to once again take up the Leviathan Axe and stomp through Kratos' brilliant adventure with all of their upgraded equipment and skills intact. It's 933MB in size. New Game + also adds new armour sets to the game alongside more powerful versions of...

  • News Shuhei Yoshida was 'Horrified' When He First Played God of War on PS4

    First prototype didn't impress

    President of Sony's Worldwide Studios, the lovable Shuhei Yoshida, was apparently very unimpressed by God of War when he played an early version for the first time. Cory Barlog recounted the tale during his talk at Devcom, and it's pretty amazing to hear the Shu was so negative about a game that would become a huge...

  • News God of War PS4 Concept Art Shows How Close It Came to Egyptian Mythology

    Cory Barlog made the call

    We've known for a long time that the latest God of War nearly used Egyptian mythology as a backdrop rather than Norse. According to the game's director, Cory Barlog, Santa Monica Studio was split down the middle for the setting, and it was his tie-breaking decision that ultimately led to the frosty, foreboding world of the...

  • News Four Issue God of War Comic to Expand on Kratos' Story

    Did you axe for it?

    Dark Horse is teaming up with Sony to expand upon Kratos’ escapades in Norse mythology with a new four-part comic book series. According to ComicBook.com, the project’s being led by Witchfinder's Chris Roberson (writer) and Mayday's Tony Parker (artist), with a host of other big names attached. The first issue’s set to go...

  • News God of War New Game + Mode Arrives Later This Month on PS4 via Free Update

    Extended journey

    Back at E3 2018, Sony promised a New Game+ mode was heading to its phenomenal action game, God of War. Over on the PlayStation Blog, we now have our first details on what to expect in this free update to the title. The patch will arrive on 20th August 2018, and will allow you to play New Game+ -- that is, a mode that lets you c

  • News God of War's Price Axed in Summer Sale on PS4

    Boy oh boy

    The Summer Sale rages on as fiercely as Kratos himself, and one of the best deals currently going is for God of War. Santa Monica's brilliant epic has been absolutely crushing it for Sony, becoming the company's fastest selling exclusive ever, and that's at full price. Currently, the father and son adventure can be purchased on the

  • News God of War Originally Intended to Show Kratos as Old and Out of Shape

    Blob of war

    Hiding in Norse mythology with his family did little to affect Kratos’ physique, as he’s just as ripped in 2018’s reboot as he was in the original Greek trilogy. However, speaking as part of a panel at San Diego Comic Con, director Cory Barlog has revealed that he’d originally planned to give the anti-hero a bit of a ‘Dad...

  • News God of War PS4 Dev Drops Potential Tease for Sequel

    Oh my God of War

    Sound the 'News Story Based on a Single Vague Tweet' alarm -- we've got a cracking piece of journalism for you lot. Cory Barlog, the main geezer at Sony Santa Monica Studio behind the glorious God of War on PlayStation 4, posted a seemingly innocent tweet about how his brain's frazzled, but with our incredible talents for...

  • News God of War Is The Fastest Selling PlayStation Exclusive Ever

    NPD Group weighs in on epic success

    God of War is not just selling well – it’s doing outrageously well. The game, which has “significantly exceeded expectations” according to Sony, is officially the fastest selling PlayStation exclusive ever in the United States. Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group confirmed the tidbit in an interview with IGN,...


  • News God of War 'Significantly Exceeded Expectations', Says Sony

    God of Sales

    God of War has “significantly exceeded expectations” according to Sony’s chief financial officer Hiroki Totoki, who was talking during a financial conference call for investors in which the company increased its forecast for the current fiscal year. The suit also mentioned that some third-party titles have performed better than...

  • News God of War Developer Seemingly Recruiting for Sequel

    Please sir, can we have some Thor?

    God of War is one of the biggest success stories of 2018, so of course there’s more on the way. And a job listing on developer Sony Santa Monica’s website suggests that the studio is ready to start work on the inevitable sequel. The company is currently looking for a concept artist to “help create high...


  • E3 2018 God of War Grabs New Game Plus

    Oh boy

    New Game Plus in God of War? You got it. Confirmed during Sony's E3 2018 press conference, Kratos' superb adventure will soon let you start a new run with all of your upgrades and equipment intact. The only things that won't carry over are the story-related bits and pieces -- you'll still have to play through the game in the usual way...

  • News God of War PS4 is On Track to Amass 1 Billion YouTube Views in Record Time

    Boy, that's a lot

    We know that God of War is breaking sales records, becoming the fastest selling PS4 exclusive with over 5 million copies shifted in its first month, but it's also performing extremely well on YouTube. The stellar PS4 exclusive won't be the first game on the video website to achieve 1 billion total views, but it's shaping up to be...



  • News Kratos Actor Christopher Judge Initially Thought God of War's Script 'Was for a Big A-List Film'

    Game changer

    Christopher Judge is the man who took over from Terrence C. Carson as Kratos for the latest God of War, but when he received the script for the first time, he thought it was for a blockbuster movie. Speaking with BBC Newsbeat, the actor, also famous for his role in Stargate SG-1, had "no clue" the script was for a game when it was first...

  • News God of War Patch 1.17 Continues String of Daily Updates


    You know what they say, "A patch a day keeps the bugs away". Well, no one says that, but you've got to imagine the folks at Santa Monica Studio have been chanting this 24/7 since the release of God of War. Patch 1.17 updates the stellar PS4 exclusive yet again with the same vague note, "Various bug fixes and improvements". Apparently, version...

  • Soapbox Why God of War Needs an Expansion Pack

    Please sir, can I have some Norse?

    I’m rarely ready for a sequel immediately after finishing a game, but if Sony said God of War 2 was out next week I’d be right at the front of the queue. Without giving anything away, one of my favourite things about this game is how it feels complete and self-contained, while still very obviously being the...

  • Poll One Week Later, What Are Your Thoughts on God of War?


    One week ago, God of War launched on PlayStation 4, and it was the best game ever. Or maybe it wasn't. That's for you to decide (kind of). Last Friday, we asked you lot for your first impressions, and the poll results were positive. Most of you said that you couldn't wait to play more, and now that you've had a full week to get stuck in, we...

  • News God of War Patch 1.16 Is Here for Even More Bug Squashing

    "Various bug fixes and improvements"

    God of War has only been out for a week, but it's had numerous updates already. A patch that provides "various bug fixes and improvements" has arrived almost daily since the game's launch last Friday, and here we are with version 1.16 promising yet more polish. More polish is hardly a bad thing, of course, and...

  • News God of War Patch 1.15 Brings Yet More Bug Fixes and Improvements

    Another one

    Jeez, another God of War patch? You better believe it. This latest one comes in at around 64MB, and yet again, the patch notes are straight to the point: "various bug fixes and improvements". That's three in a row now. As always, we don't know what these bug fixes and improvements actually are, but we suppose we're grateful that...

  • News These God of War PS4 GIFs Are Dumb Fun

    You are not ready

    God of War is a pretty straight faced game, but it does have some brief moments of levity dotted through its lengthy story. What's clear is that the fine folks over at Santa Monica Studio aren't afraid to have a bit of fun with Kratos and other characters, as evidenced by the silly faces we'll be able to make them pull in the...

  • News God of War Patch 1.14 Promises Improvements, Squashes Even More Bugs

    That was fast

    Wow, Sony Santa Monica is really pumping out these God of War patches, isn't it? Update 1.14 is available to download now on PlayStation 4, but we're afraid it's not all that exciting. Much like patch 1.13, the notes simply read: "various bug fixes and improvements". Again, it's not clear what these fixes are for, but we'll...

  • Soapbox Why God of War Will Scratch Your Zelda Itch

    A link to the past

    Of all the games I expected God of War to remind me of, The Legend of Zelda was probably right at the very bottom of my list. I mean, how could the hallmarks of Nintendo’s flagship adventure franchise possibly be present in Kratos’ latest? This is a game about a paternal relationship, like The Last of Us. It has a cinematic...

  • News Another God of War Patch Arrives to Squash Some Bugs

    Just a little one

    Santa Monica Studio is rattling out these patches for God of War, isn't it? A new patch is now available for Kratos' awesome Norse adventure, bringing the game up to version 1.13. The patch weighs in at a mere 36MB, so it shouldn't take you long at all to download. As for what it does? "Various bug fixes and improvements". We...

  • News God of War's Vinyl Soundtrack Is a Thing of Beauty

    Mad dog McCreary

    God of War’s drawing plaudits for practically every portion of its masterful presentation, and Bear McCreary’s dazzling soundtrack is part of that. The great thing about the music is that captures the power and angst of Kratos, but it also seamlessly segues into more emotional segments, too. It’s really quite exceptional...

  • News Here's Why Recalling Kratos' Leviathan Axe in God of War Feels Amazing

    Good catch

    Game development is still fairly secretive these days. Developers tend to shy away from revealing how games, or details within games, turn out the way they do, so it can be a real treat when we do get a peek behind the curtain. Vince Napoli, lead systems designer on the stellar God of War, posted on his blog yesterday, going into detail...

  • News God of War Gets Ace Reversible Cover Art in North America

    Europe left in the cold

    God of War's standard cover art is gorgeous. Front and centre, Kratos and Atreus stand aboard their boat, staring down who-knows-what, while the scene behind them provides a stunning backdrop. It's a surprisingly peaceful cover, but if you picked up an American copy of Santa Monica Studio's latest, you can swap it out for the...

  • News God of War Patch 1.12 Lets You Increase Text Size

    Rest those weary eyes

    Good news if you've been struggling to read menus and on-screen text in God of War, as the latest patch lets you increase text size across the board. Update 1.12 is available to download now, weighing in at just a few hundred MB. The patch notes also mention minor bug fixes. If you want to change the text size, all you have to...

  • News God of War Didn't Look Dramatically Different When Pitched to Sony

    Given the greenlight

    Sony originally didn’t want another God of War game, and it took one helluva pitch from Cory Barlog to get the go-ahead. But this video, from way back in 2015, is what convinced the company to loosen its purse strings and give the reboot the greenlight. It was shown during a stream overnight, as captured by

  • News NPD Analyst Reckons God of War Will Have the Biggest Debut of Any PS4 Exclusive

    Daddy's home

    Just how well will God of War sell? The franchise has always been one of Sony's best when it comes to shifting units, but with the drastic change in direction, questions were being asked early on about whether core fans would be won over. Of course, now that we're sitting here on launch day and the game's reviewed unbelievably well, we...

  • News God of War's Photo Mode Looks Ace, Update Comes to PS4 Soon

    Here's an early peek

    God of War is an incredibly pretty game, so it's a bit of a shame that it hasn't shipped with a photo mode. Fortunately, as reported previously, a photo mode is in the works, and it'll be arriving as a free update in the near future. Proving that it exists (and that it looks really, really good), developer...