Kratos Scr 1
Image: Sheraydu

Hiding in Norse mythology with his family did little to affect Kratos’ physique, as he’s just as ripped in 2018’s reboot as he was in the original Greek trilogy. However, speaking as part of a panel at San Diego Comic Con, director Cory Barlog has revealed that he’d originally planned to give the anti-hero a bit of a ‘Dad bod’, depicting him as old and overweight.

“In the beginning we were talking about, y’know, 'What is Kratos going to look like?' And I kind of wanted to go extreme, I was like, 'He should have really let himself go, right?' Yeah, Dad bod, right? David Harbour as Kratos. And I thought it could be really cool,” he told the audience.

“Then we started describing it as an athlete in the off-season. Then we just very slowly moved away from that – without my knowledge. So they just kept changing it a little, like, 'It looks different today,' and they're like, 'Don't worry about it, it's cool. Same as yesterday. Same thing as yesterday.' Then eventually he just got really ripped again. And then it was really the beard and Chris [Judge's] voice that aged him.”

To be fair, even with his bulging biceps and rippling abs, we reckon that the character’s weariness comes through in the game; he’s as strong as ever, but you instantly get the sense of how tired he is. That’s on the quality of the script and the performance by Chris Judge, which is spot on. We would like to see some concept art for “fat” Kratos, though.