God of War - News


  • Rumour God of War Ragnarok DLC Expansion Deep in Development for PS5

    Allegedly around 60 per cent complete

    An expansion to the uber-popular PlayStation first-party exclusive God of War Ragnarok is allegedly deep in development, according to notorious leaker The Snitch. It should be noted that, while there was a period where the infamous Internet tipster was flawless, the Twitter account has changed hands –...



  • News Official God of War Ragnarok Totem Figurines Are Gorgeous Collector's Items

    Even the box looks good

    If, like us, you're a big fan of God of War Ragnarok, you might be interested to hear about this upcoming merchandise. A new collaboration between PlayStation and Idea Planet Launch is set to bring us a set of totem figurines based on key characters from the game, and they look awesome. The set comprises six figures of...

  • News God of War Dev Is Working on Something Inspirational

    PlayStation Studios boss is impressed

    It sounds like Sony Santa Monica Studio, the prestigious first-party developer behind the God of War franchise, is hard at work on its next project. That's not exactly news, since God of War Ragnarok came out last year and AAA game development has no real downtime, but we should probably be excited for whatever...



  • News New God of War Game Seemingly Teased by Tyr's Voice Actor

    Ragnarok sequel? Spinoff?

    Voice actors just love teasing things off the record, don't they? Hot on the heels of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 leaks courtesy of Venom voice Tony Todd, we've now got Tyr's actor from God of War Ragnarok basically telling us that there's more to come from the franchise. During a God of War PAX East panel over the weekend,...

  • Random We Could've Wound Up with a British Kratos in God of War

    Cor, blimey

    Kratos' gravel-guzzling voice is the work of Christopher Judge, who has played the role since 2018's God of War. The actor himself has a naturally deep vocal range, and hearing the Ghost of Sparta's intimidating growls is always a treat. However, while warming up to Kratos' voice, Judge went through some training, where some wires were...