God Of War DLC

God of War director Cory Barlog has reiterated that no, God of War ain't getting any DLC. Obviously it's been a whole year since the game launched, so at this point no one's really expecting any additional adventures with big daddy Kratos, but after a brief tease over on Twitter, Barlog quickly shot down any fresh speculation.

"Just so no one gets the wrong idea -- there is no DLC coming for the game. Sorry," he wrote.

God of War DLC was something that the development team always dismissed, even before the game's release. There were a handful of rumours doing the rounds after launch, but they were never solid enough to be taken seriously.

It's a weird one, because while we certainly wouldn't have said no to an expansion, God of War feels like a perfectly rounded package. As such, we're happy to wait for the inevitable PS5 sequel.

And hey, there's always new game plus!

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