God of War PS4
Image: Lance McDonald

This is amazing. Twitter user @manfightdragon has managed to hack the camera in PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War to allow for free movement during cutscenes. It makes for some new perspectives during certain important events, but perhaps the most comedic discovery is the one you'll find below. Baldur, the game's main antagonist, actually flips you off when Kratos chucks him off a cliff very early in the game.

Players would never have been able to see this normally due to the title's commitment to a single take from beginning to end, making us wonder what else the game is hiding behind the scenes. Did Atreus ever do something he shouldn't have when the camera wasn't watching? Has Mimir been hiding a secret all this time? The mind ponders.

Did you enjoy this little easter egg? Don't swear in the comments below.

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