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  • News Resident Evil Village Goes All the Way with PS5 Feature Support

    The full package

    If you were worried third-party developers wouldn't commit extra resources towards taking advantage of the unique PlayStation 5 feature set, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The PlayStation Store listing for Resident Evil Village has been updated with new details, confirming the DualSense controller will be put to use alongside 3D...





  • News Resident Evil Village Is Optimised for Next-Gen with No Load Times

    More action-focused

    Resident Evil Village was only officially announced a few hours ago and Capcom has already decided to share a few more interesting details on the PlayStation 5 project. As part of a developer message, producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Pete Fabiano explain how the title is optimised for the next generation of consoles as it takes a...

  • News Resident Evil Village Confirmed for PS5, Coming 2021

    The rumours were true

    After months of rumours and speculation, Capcom lifted the lid on Resident Evil: Village. Yes, that is the official title and it's coming to PlayStation 5 next year. It represents a major departure for the series with witchcraft, mythical monsters, and more stalkers than ever before. The trailer we've embedded above concludes...

  • News Today's Resident Evil Announcement Was a Whole Load of Nothing

    Platinum rank

    A few weeks ago, you may have seen some parts of the internet getting a little bit excited about a supposed Resident Evil announcement planned for today. Some thought the reveal was sure to be Resident Evil 8, while others made sure to keep their feet on the ground. And, well, those who fall into the latter category have once again...

  • News Resident Evil 4 Director Comments on Rumoured PS5 Remake

    As long as it turns out good

    Earlier this year, Video Games Chronicle put out a report stating that Capcom is currently in the process of remaking Resident Evil 4. It's aiming to release in 2022, meaning it is most likely a PlayStation 5 game, and has the blessing of the original game's director, Shinji Mikami. We haven't heard anything since that...






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