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  • News Is Capcom Teasing a Resident Evil 3 Remake?

    A new Nemesis

    Resident Evil 2 is one of the best games of the year, and it’s left fans of the franchise begging publisher Capcom for a remake of the third game in the series. Of course, there’s no definitive proof of that just yet – but a seemingly innocuous tweet from the horror franchise’s official Twitter account has certainly set the...












  • Game of the Year 2017 #6 - Resident Evil 7

    The cure

    Every time Capcom took a step forward, it made two steps backward over the past decade with its flagship horror franchise. Resident Evil 5 demonstrated a questionable turn toward action, but Resident Evil: Revelations steered back on course with its eerie, claustrophobic setting. The disastrous, confused sixth entry ruined this by capsizing...







  • News Resident Evil 7 Falls Short of Capcom's Sales Expectations

    Despite selling over 3.5 million units so far

    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard has failed to meet the sales expectations of publisher Capcom, the firm's latest financial report has revealed. The game – which was something of a critical darling – has sold a very respectable 3.5 million units thus far, but that's some way short of the four million units...

  • News Resident Evil 7's Free DLC Goes into Hiding Until Later Date

    Go tell Aunt Rhody

    Resident Evil 7's free DLC pack has been pushed back until an undisclosed later date. Not a Hero – which is set to feature series veteran Chris Redfield – had been set to release this Spring, but in an overly apologetic video, the expansion's producers have admitted that they need more time to hit the standards expected of the...









  • News Resident Evil 7 Sounds More Like Silent Hill Than Ever

    Happy ever after?

    Here's the sum of everything we know about Resident Evil 7: it's coming out on 24th January. Okay, we know a little bit more about the game than that, but you get the idea – Capcom is really playing its blood splattered cards close to its chest with this one. And that's exciting, because it'll be more of a surprise when you...

  • News Here's How Resident Evil 4 Looks on the PS4

    Leon! Leon!

    Resident Evil 4 needs no introduction – it's one of the greatest games ever made, after all. And it's coming to the PlayStation 4 in just about a week's time, so Capcom has released the first ever gameplay footage of that version. Unsurprisingly, it looks a lot like… Well, Resident Evil 4. What were you expecting? At the end of...

  • Gamescom 2016 Resident Evil 7 Really Is Going Full Survival Horror


    This is tense, isn't it? Capcom's released a new Resident Evil 7 trailer to coincide with Gamescom 2016, and it really ratchets up the tension. The clip takes the form of some found footage – which should be familiar to anyone who played the recent demo – and sees a woman attempting to send a message to a man named Ethan. Unfortunately...

  • News Wait a Minute! They're Still Making Resident Evil Movies?

    This is the final chapter, apparently

    We knew that Milla Jovovich's live-action Resident Evil movies were relatively popular, but we didn't realise there was a sixth one coming out. Due in January 2017 – the same month as Resident Evil 7, of course – Alice will return for the final chapter in director Paul W.S. Anderson's series, which has...

  • News Surprise! Resident Evil 7 Will Have Healing Herbs

    Slow news day

    Despite it launching in a few short months and there being a standalone demo available on the PlayStation Store, we still don't know a whole lot about Resident Evil 7. Fortunately, Capcom has shared a tidbit with ambassadors: the forthcoming first-person sequel will include healing herbs. At least try and act surprised, eh? The image...


  • News Ensure You Have Enough Cash for Resident Evil 4 on PS4, Stranger

    Hehehe, thank you

    What're yer buyin' on 30th August? Resident Evil 4, of course. The legendary third-person shooter – which is surely in the running for the greatest game ever made – will lurch its way to the PlayStation 4 on 30th August, publisher Capcom has announced. There's no word on a price yet, but both Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6...

  • News Resident Evil 7 Breaks PS4 Demo Records

    Giving other games the finger

    Resident Evil 7's self-contained demo experience Beginning Hour has set the record for PlayStation 4 demo downloads in North America, becoming the most coveted slice of sampler content in its first week of release. There are a lot of stipulations here, so we're going to attempt that sentence again: more people in North...



  • News Resident Evil 5 Punches Rocks on PS4 from 28th June

    Muscle man

    You'll be able to admire beefcake BSAA agent Chris Redfield's rippling biceps in full 1080p starting 28th June, as that's when Resident Evil 5 is set to release on the PlayStation 4. The timeframe does come courtesy of the Xbox store page, so we're still awaiting official confirmation for Sony's new-gen system – it's almost certain to...

  • News Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Is Looking Really Rubbish on PS4

    Not even Resident Evil 2 maps can save it

    Surprise! The game that no one asked for, Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, is shaping up to be something of a stinker. Capcom recently announced that the competitive shooter spin-off will boast a couple of maps based upon Resident Evil 2, which should be a reason for real hype. However, seeing the...

  • Rumour Resident Evil 7 to Return to Horror Roots on PS4

    P.T. designer promisingly on board

    Capcom is apparently preparing for a "full-scale offensive" with regards to the Resident Evil franchise towards the back-half of this year, and now respected video game consultancy gaffer Serkan Toto has shed a little light on what we can expect. Writing on Twitter, the Kantan Games chief said that the "entire game...

  • News Is It Almost Time for Resident Evil 7 on PS4?

    Full-scale offensive

    The Internet is convinced that Resident Evil 7 is months away from smashing through a glass window, and all signs suggest that it may be right. As part of its financial report recently, Capcom said the following: "In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, the Company is scheduled to release the strategic titles of Sengoku...

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