God of War

64 video games entered, and now just one remains: God of War has been voted the best video game of all time by IGN readers. Beating Grand Theft Auto V in the final, votes were gathered across various social media sites and the IGN website itself. On Twitter, 63.2 per cent of the 120,390 verdicts opted for God of War, 63 per cent of 273,000 YouTube users chose Kratos' latest game, and another 57 per cent of Instagram subscribers chose the PS4 exclusive. God of War comfortably takes the victory, then.

While that's a fantastic result for Sony Santa Monica, the polls conducted over the past few weeks haven't come without their controversy, sourced particularly from those who played games before PS2. For example, Rise of the Tomb Raider beat Half-Life 2 in the very first round. Yes, 52 per cent of votes really did choose Rise of the Tomb Raider over the classic Half-Life 2. Complete and utter madness. Then Batman: Arkham City beat out Super Mario 64, Pokémon Yellow, and Dark Souls to reach the semi-finals. It was then comfortably pushed aside by runner-up Grand Theft Auto V.

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Here's the entire bracket:

IGN GOAT Bracket

There may have been some questionable results in the preliminary rounds, but at least the winner somewhat makes sense. God of War is considered to be one of the very best games on PS4, and with the sequel God of War Ragnarok slowly coming into view, it may even be bested by this time next year.

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